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Amazing 3 Methods for T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine Users

As an entrepreneur with T-shirt Screen Printing Machine at first you should learn some methods to print. Usually, there are three methods mainly used, so as a fresh entrepreneur you also advance with these three ways-

These three methods are – 1.  Print on Transfer Paper.   2. Image Transfer is taking the print with Photo Emulsion Screen.    3. T-Shirt printing using Ink dyes Community.

Some practice could make you skilled for transfer printing. It is the better choice for a one-time printing project. It requires additional specific supplies, but you will get the advantage to print huge shirts by using a single image. You may use ink dye for quick one-time print which is more extensive than iron on prints.

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Method#1: Print on Transfer Paper by Your T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine:

Step 1 for image titled Print on T-Shirt

Procure T-shirt transfer paper. Choose from two types of transfer paper as per your need, one appropriate for white or pastel shirts, and another suitable for every darker color. Collect paper as per your required size.

It is better to use light transfer paper to print light or white shirt and for any sweater having the dark color you can use colored transfer paper.

Step 2: to Print on T‐Shirts: T-Shirts with the image titled print

Choose a model; you may take it from pictures stored on your computer. If the image was chosen is in physical structure make it scanned and then save or by taking the proper photograph you can store the image on your PC.

Step 3 T-Shirts T-shirt with Image titled Print:

The image is to be taken in the mirror. Then your shirt will receive a mirror effect and then with your print options window take a setting for that particular image. In case of not doing this, all your text where the design is kept will be unreadable.

t-shirt screen printing machine

Reversing the image with using transfer paper for dark shirts transfers image as per the appearance. It is wise to make a demo on the test piece or regular paper.


Step 4: T-Shirts with Image titled Print to Print on T‐Shirts by your t-shirt screen printing machine:

Make your design Printed on the paper. Previous to print, make sure that the image fits on your paper. If it’s remarkably big, pick “fit to scale” in the print options. Use proper printer.


When the two sides of your transfer paper appear dissimilar, do the print on the blank side. One side could carry a logo, design, or thermal indicators on it. Switch to “landscape mode” when the image is full than it is high.

Step 5: T-Shirts with Image titled Print:

Cut the image. Any paper you depart around the image will illustrate up as a thin film on the shirt. To make a fresh picture, cut out the image. To obtain an exact cut, use a ruler and proper knife.

Step 6 T-Shirts with Image titled Print to Print on T‐Shirts by your t-shirt screen printing machine

Wrap a stable, flat surface with a cotton pillowcase. Clear a table after that cleans and dries it if required. Put down a cotton pillowcase over this outside, cover enough space to lay out the region of your T-shirt you are going to print. Most ironing boards are not appropriate, as the metal bars or grating on the outside.

Use an exterior that can resist temperature. Don’t attempt to iron over a laminate countertop. A cutting board could be the suitable one.

Step 7: T-Shirts with Image titled Print:

Place your iron. Make sure the advice that appeared with your transfer paper so that you can find out which settings work best for your manufactured goods. When there is no advice, choose the “cotton” or high-temperature setting; choose “dry” or turn off the steam; unfilled water away from the iron. Provide the iron some minutes to hot.It is better to use an iron having at least 1200 watts of power.

Step 8 T-Shirts with Image titled Print to Print on T‐Shirts by your t-shirt screen printing machine:

Make the shirt Iron. Put the shirt in the pillowcase. Iron it till it gets flat. Any wrinkles will be visible in the transferred image.

Wash and dry the T-shirt if required

Step 9: T-Shirts with Image titled Print:


Put the paper on the shirt. If you use transfer paper for light shirts, put the image face downward. If you use transfer paper for dark shirts, put the image face up, then up the middle of the image in the center of the T-shirt collar.

By placing the image face downward will permit the image to be transferred as a result it does not provide a mirrored image when you transfer it to your shirt.

Step 10 T-Shirts with Image titled Print:

Move with Iron the image over the shirt. Force down the iron firmly on the cloth, for significant pressure push downward with your entire hand.

Continue Iron from 30 seconds to some minutes, as per the directions that appeared with your particular transfer paper.

Ensure providing heat to every part of the paper so keep moving the iron correctly.

Some transfer paper posses’ thermal indicators that will alter colors at the time of getting the area hot enough.

Step 11: T-Shirts with Image titled Print to Print on T‐Shirts by your t-shirt screen printing machine:

Allow the area get cool after that unwrap the paper. Allow it to cool for few minutes, till the paper gets to room temperature.

Unwrap the paper to expose your image below.

Method#2: Transferring an Image with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing

Step 1: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:

Pick image one is black another is white. Of this black and white image, the black will block out the light. As a result, your design will be allowed to show up the silk screen.

t-shirt screen printing press

This printing method just prints black images on the shirt. When you keep a color image to print, change it into black and white with taking Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or any photo editing device.

Step 2 T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:

Keep the image to be printed on a transparency. It is better to use transparent sheets than acetate paper.

Low-quality printers might not print the image excellent which could print a confused image on the shirt. If needed, a copy of the transparencies keeps storing.

Some transparency sheets will shrink or warp at the moment of going through the printer. Proceed with a small pack to start, so that you can run to a diverse brand if the first effort doesn’t work.

Step 3: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:

Take a printing screen and go with a paint of a photo emulsion it. These materials are accessible online or at significant craft supplies, frequently a fraction of a single screen printing kit. Both sides of the screen will be Painted with the photo emulsion, use a squeegee to extend it thin, there will be even layering from corner to corner of the total surface.

You are to wear gloves at the time of handling the photo emulsion.

You also put lay a trash bag downward so that you don’t need any paint on your table or any other surface.

Wrap an area to some extent more significant than your photo and spread the emulsion on it evenly. You are not to be able to observe through the screen.

Step 4: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:  to Print on T‐Shirts by your t-shirt screen printing machine:

Use a dark location to dry the screen. Keep the screen in the dark, cool place for several hours so that the photo emulsion could get dry.

You may set a fan over the screen for a quick drying process.

Step 5: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:

Arrange a light station. An image is to be burnt through the photo emulsion on your screen when it is exposed to light. For the screen, you need to clear a space beneath an intense source of light.  You may use direct outdoor sunlight late morning /early afternoon.

By Placing a black garbage bag or cloth under your screen, you can achieve better output. You may use a 150-watt proper bulb.

Step 6: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:


Make ready the screen and image. Put this up previous to take away the screen from the dark space. Set these matter on top of all other stated in the following-

A big part of cardboard or a big dish

To reduce reflection takes a piece of black fabric,

Set the screen with the flat part of the screen face upward.

Make the transparency image, face downward and set close to the screen by using tape. A piece of   glass,

Step 7: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:  To Print on T‐Shirts by your T-shirt Screen Printing Machine:

You are to make depiction the image at the light station. This step is tactful to obtain correct on your initial attempt as it varies by the intensity of the light. Naturally, the image is prepared when the photo emulsion get changed to a dull grey-green.

The timing can differ from 2 to 90 minutes that depends on light concentration.

Step 8: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:

Clean the screen. Take away the glass and rapidly carry the screen close to the sink. Put an influential spurt of cold water for quite a few minutes to the recessed surface of the screen. Continue spraying till all wet emulsion has gone washed away, by leaving the outline of the image.

When all the emulsion gets wash away, further having a longer light exposure.

When none of the emulsion gets wash away following quite a few minutes, take a photo emulsion remover over the screen then attempt once more having a shorter exposure.

Step 9: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing:

Now you are in a stage to print your T-shirts. Your screen becomes a reusable printing device. Practice the following process and transfer the image on your shirt:

Place a piece of cardboard or a barrier inside the shirt that will prevent passing from one side to the other side.

Insert a small spoonful of screen printing ink on the top of the screen, and drag it crossways with a squeegee to outline a thin coating. Do this quite a few times to make sure an even layer.

Then lift the screen having no moving it against the shirt.

Step 10: T-Shirts with Photo Emulsion Screen Printing: To Print on T‐Shirts by Your T-shirt Screen Printing Machine:

Make the shirt heat as most printing inks require getting ironed on the shirt with a hot, dry setting. On the other hand, some may only necessitate an hour in sunlight, or you may use a quick run with an ultraviolet drying machine.

It is wise to check your ink label for exact directives previous to heat set.

When the image has dried, you can wear it


Method#3: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye

Step 1: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:

Keep shirt on a flat shell and make iron it. For best results, you are to iron your shirt smoothly without any wrinkles.

Inkodye provides better with cotton shirts so position your iron with the cotton setting.

Run irons the shirt till all wrinkles has removed, particularly the area you like to print.

Using a dry ironing technique with no steam is wise.

Step 2 To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:

Put in a portion of foam core/cardboard in your shirt.  Make shirt smooth again.

Cardboard fitting is better as it’s even and cannot allow the ink pass through to the portion of the shirt.  And after doing, you just keep it away.

Step 2: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:

Make a structure where you desire to put the image. You may take a   cardboard or plastic frame.

Make your frame in such a way that the ink does not get out of the printing area. Let not to tape the image downward.

Step 3: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye: To Print on T‐Shirts by Your T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine:

Take a bowl and Pour your Inkodye into it. Make the bottle shake well before pouring the ink

Your dish must not absorb, it will not be wise for the dye seeping into it.


Do it in a ventilated room so that it could not be exposed to substantial natural light.

Step 4: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:  :

Add the Inkodye to the shirt. Make brush be coated with the dye.

Apply the dye evenly to your preferred region on your shirt. Your shirt should not be soaked.

After covering the preferred area, clutch a paper towel and make the area to soak up any surplus dye.

Step 5: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:

Take away the frame to observe the painted region. When you’ve covered the area, you do not require the structure

Step 6: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:   To Print on T‐Shirts by Your T-shirt Screen Printing Machine.

Put your negative over the inked fraction of the shirt. Press down the negative on your sweater to assist it to attach to the dyed area.

Make level the area applying your hand. Engage negative to get in touch all over the place with the dye.

Make straight pins over the edges of negative to maintain it in place.

As an alternative, you can place a part of acetate on the top of your negative.

Step 7: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:


Open your print to straight sunlight.  To make your shirt attached with the negative on the outside and allow it soak up the sun so that it could get dry at the same time transfer the image.

Let print stay with direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes.

Do it around 11:00 am to 3:00 pm when the sun is most active.

Expose your print longer when it gets cloudy out. Examine after five or so minutes to see whether the image darken.

Step 8: To print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:

Take away the negative in a space which isn’t too bright.

Remove the negative at passive lighting can facilitate to remain the print unbroken.

Step 9: to print Your Shirt having with Inkodye:  To Print on T‐Shirts by Your T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine:

Make the shirt was in the washing machine as the washing machine is the best choice device to wash. However, you may wash it with using just the hands.

A proper wash will take away excess Inkodye from the shirt, and your print will get a nice and fresh look. Warm to hot water can bring a better outcome. Wash it double to take away all the scum.

Now your T-shirt is clean and ready to put on!


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