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How to Use Yudu Screen Printing Machine at home?

Yudu screen printing machine is an amazing small equipment. With this little machine, anyone can print beautiful t-shirts at home.You can surprise the world with the original printing message on the t-shirt with this amazing Yudu screen printing press.

It helps to show stylish screen printing artwork. Yudu will help you to learn how to generate wonderful striking art print. You can use it in all the room of your home. Maximum silk screen printing is designed historically. Yudu printers can make greeting cards and fashionable wall hanging easily.

screen printing machine


Yudu will help you to shine your personality. This little printing press is so adaptable to express your latent talent. You along with your family can prepare the individual design of own style. On the other hand, it gives you all a chance to print fine arts, schoolwork’s, cards for greeting, wall hangings, or anything you like with this pretty Yudu screen printing machine. If you have Yudu in your home, you can work with any preferable fabric, paper, and wood and it’s easy to make clean it with simple water.

Yudu gives you an ultimate and infinite success in your homegrown printing business. The magic of Yudu is a lot as it is too much effortless and much funny to use. Millions of tons of your personal screen printing design like homestyle projects, decorating backpacks, sweaters, t-shirts and as well as others garment fabric. It also can perform any design. You can prepare the simple design for the market on transparencies, paper-cut, and ready-made design or by circuit cuttings and free-hand drew transparencies.

There are several things to include in Yudu screen printing process. If want starts your home screen printing with Yudu, you have to go for a setup. A unit of 11-1/2″×33″×22″, 3 ink-jet transparencies which are blank, emulsion remover. Furthermore, you need 2 emulsion sheets, t-shirts platen which adult and adhesive platen sheets. Last of all you take screen mesh, black ink for Yudu, 15 watts bulbs, squeegee and a user guidebook is required for Yudu screen printing machine setup system.

Yudu is such kind of machine; you can start with new screen printer with it without any effort. As a result, the new printer will be able to print aristocratic t-shirt design or home accessories on wood, cotton or on canvas as he thinks. After cleaning the mesh, various fashionable cards and pictures, the glorious artwork of screen printing can be printed with Yudu. Yudu can use the young children for their own project of design and art.

This Yudu screen printing system is really very versatile. So anyone can develop their authentic art personality by this screen printing system. You can use Yudu screen printing machine in a very tiny space.

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