8 Best vinyl Cutting Machine

8 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines Reviews and Buying guides


If you are a new person to start t-shirt printing business with the heat transfer vinyl, then you must know about the vinyl cutting machine as it is going to be an essential tool of your business. There are a lot of vinyl cutting machines are available in the market. From cheap to precious, low quality to high quality. So, as a beginner you are going to face a challenge of picking the right equipment. For a little mistake of choosing the right one, your first step into the t-shirt printing business might not be so sweet.


8 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines to Buy in 2018

Let’s look into the world of vinyl cutting machine’s market to find out the best vinyl cutting machine. Here we shall discuss about their performance, price, good sides and also the shortcomings.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine|The Best Vinyl Cutting machine

The Cricut Explore Air 2 vinyl cutter  is a personal DIY cutting press. This cutter machine is able to make unique greeting cards and custom designed apparel, custom vinyl stickers, personalized home decor and more! This vinyl heat press cutter can cut 100+ materials. 

The Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Overview

It is possibly the best vinyl cutting machine for small scale business. This machine is able to cut and write at faster speed and with ultimate precision. No matter you want to print on vellum or leather, this vinyl cutting machine is perfect as it offers the scope of printing on 100+ materials. You will find freedom of personalization and designing in your own way with this vinyl cutting machine.


Machine Details:

Machine size is 24 x 9.5 x 9.5 in. It’s shipping time weight is 16.84 pounds. Writing and cutting speed are adjustable. For wireless cutting convenience, embedded Bluetooth is provided with this vinyl cutting machine.



The market price of this vinyl cutter machine is $249. If you want to have standard grip cut mat and a basic tool set together then you will have to pay $27.99 more.


Available Features:

The following features are available with Cricut Explore Air 2 vinyl cutter Machine.

  • Wireless commands facilities with embedded Bluetooth system.
  • Facility of cutting 100+ materials. It is possible to cut materials irrespective of their thickness. From thick leather to thin vellum, everything can be cut with this vinyl cutter Machine.
  • Provision of dual tool holder
  • Cricut machine provides extra fast speed, nearly 2x rate.
  • It is possible to make perfect fold lines with this vinyl cutting machine and it gives you the scope of printing cards, 3D paper crafts etc. nicely.
  • You can choose from any of 370 nos. fonts or any favorite one from computer.
  • It is possible to design from anywhere using any smart devices and software.
  • Smart set dial ensures precision cutting on any type of material.
  • Advanced cutting technology.
  • Combined storage system.
  • Option of uploading images of different format (like.svg,.jpg etc.)

Cricut Vinyl Cutter Reviews:

69% customers gave 5star feedback to this vinyl cutting machine at amazon. Customers find it handy for using at home. It is easy to use and capture the tricks within short time is possible. But, some complained for the product with advice of further upgradation of this vinyl cutting machine.


  • 28-inch USCutter TITAN 2 Vinyl Cutter/Plotter with Stand, Basket and Design and Cut Software


Machine Overview:

This vinyl cutting machineoffershighquality work and a thing of choice for professionals. It is capable of providing a maximum 360 inches cut length. Titan 2 cuts at varying level of cutting speed and force on different types of materials from hard paperboard to adhesive vinyl.


Machine Details:

This vinyl cutting machine size is   38 x 13 x 17 in. Its shipping time weight is 59.5 pounds. It is designed for rigorous use and built of aluminum ally with ABS sides. For carriage convenience 4 wheels are available. 3 titan blades of different angel (60°,45°& 30°) are given with this machine.



This vinyl cutting machine price is $995 with free shipping.


Available Features:

The following features are available with TITAN 2 Vinyl Cutter/Plotter.

  • Simple installation and user-friendly features with this Vinyl Cutter
  • It is available with USB connection.RS-232 connections are also provided
  • User can adjust cutting force and speed with the help of control panel. A large LCD display shows the commands.
  • For contour cutting this machine has special efficiency.
  • Its software is Mac and PC compatible.
  • Servo motor provides quiet and precise performance.
  • Provision of cutting directly from software like adobe and other applications supporting Vector Graphics.

USCutter Titan Vinyl Cutter Reviews:

67% customers gave 5star feedback to this vinyl cutter at amazon. According to its users, this vinyl cuttingmachine is very easy to install and use with perfect user-friendly features. They also commented the cutter as fast and quiet simultaneously.


  • Critcut Maker


Machine Overview:

This equipment can handle any DIY project without any hardship. It has upgraded version of blade which can handle various types of materials. With smart design its cutting power has been increased than other machines of this type. Simple and cost effective. This vinyl cutter is suitable for both newcomers and professionals simultaneously.


Machine Details:

Each vinyl cutting machine size is 22.6 x 7.1 x 6.2 in. Its shipping time weight is 23.9 pounds. Exclusive rotary blade gives excellent cut on a diversified range of materials.



This vinyl cutting machine’s market price is $389 and free shipping.


Features of this Equipment:

  • Advanced rotary blade with this vinyl cutter
  • Freedom of cutting from thin to hard materials
  • No matter you are pro of newbie, this machine aids you to design easily by its simple apps for designing
  • Excellently designed vinyl cutting machine
  • Smart tool system
  • Simplification of sewing and quilting works as this machine gives the scope of choosing any of the design from available patterns.Nearly 50 projects are given with the package including 25 sewing based.
  • Provision has been kept for keeping the smartphone at docking slots. It is also possible to charge your smartphone using USB port.
  • Flexibility of design on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).
  • Two nos. 12” x 12” cutting mats are given with the package. But, you can use 12” x 24” mat for cutting by purchasing it separately.




Critcut MakerVinyl Cutter Machine Reviews


This vinyl cutting machine achieved an overall 4star feedback from the customers of amazon.66% customer gave 5star response for this nicely designed vinyl cutter. Customers praised this machine’s precise performance in cutting different types of materials by its rotary blades. Some users said that this machine brought about a dramatic change in their business. But, some customers also have dissatisfaction too regarding its software and they demanded more modification of this vinyl cutter.


 Silhouette Cameo 3 Bluetooth Starter Bundle

Machine Overview:

This vinyl cutting machine is able to perform as like as a home printer. It is able to cut 10X12 in. dimension patterns of different types of materials. It can be used for cutting and also for sketching. Controllable by computer and artwork may be saved easily.



Machine Details:

This vinyl cutting machine’s dimension is 24.1 x 11.1 x 9.4 in. which shipping time weight is 14.82 pounds. This vinyl cutter is available with auto adjustable blade and 12X12 in. cutting mat. You will also find an adjustment tool, a scraper tool and also a hook tool with the package. Voltage requirement of this machine is 110~220V.



This vinyl cutting machine’s price is $269.99 with free shipping.


Available Features:

The following features are available with the vinyl cutter:

  • Cutting is possible from saved files directly using USB port.
  • USB 2.0 assures high speed performance.
  • It ensures a maximum cutting area and thickness.
  • 100 exclusive designs with additional 50 bonus designs are available with thisvinyl cutter. You have the option to purchase more designs after paying.
  • Power and USB cords.
  • Free offer of silhouette beginner class.
  • Offer of 30 days free membership to Silhouette U and club Club Silhouette are available with the package.


SilhouetteVinyl Cutter Machine Reviews

70% customers gave 5star feedback to this vinyl cutting machineat amazon. Users find this machine as a complete package to do the work. They termed it as easily understandable and easy to install. As it is workable with different types of materials, this machine is really a matter of interest to customers. But, some people said that they found it difficult to grasp the commands. But, most of the customers described it as the “best vinyl cutter ever”.

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Machine Overview:

This vinyl cutting machine is available with latest designed LCD panel and precision cutting facility with improved blade. Manual cutting has become easier more than ever before. It is applicable to materials of wide range. Cutting carriage and the holder of the blade has been re-designed completely.

Machine Details:

This vinyl cutting machine’s dimension is 33.9 x 12.6 x 19.2 in. Its product weight is 53 pounds and shipping time weight is 63 pounds. Manufacturer name is Roland.


The market price of this vinyl cutter is $1972.00 with free shipping.


Available Features:

The following features are available with the vinyl cutter machine:

  • It offers a maximum cutting width of 22.9 inch.
  • Materials of 2 to 27.5 inches width are acceptable by it.
  • Cuts at maximum 20 inches per sec. speed.
  • Blade force of 350g is delivered.
  • 0005″ mechanical resolution is achievable.
  • Wide varieties of materials supported by this machine.
  • Sensor for optical registration is its special feature for speedy workflow.
  • Cutstudio software is provided for designing.
  • 8 pre-settings are available for media and blade combination.
  • PC connection is easy by provided USB port.
  • LCD panel helps smooth navigation.

Roland Vinyl Cutter Machine Reviews

79% customers gave 5star feedback to this vinyl cutting machine at amazon. Users found this machine very handy and maintaining user friendly characteristics. They observed that it required minimum maintenance over the years. They are also satisfied with its customer service. Some customers said that they changed their brand to Roland vinyl cutter and got amazed at its excellent performance.


Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Machine Overview:

If you want to avoid the hassle of handling unnecessary cords and cables then Cricut Explore Air Wireless vinyl cutting machineis a perfect choice for you as it is provided with embedded Bluetooth and suitable for wireless cutting. Smart set dial, smart precision made this equipment unique.


Machine Details:

This vinyl cutting machine’s dimension is 25.4 x 10 x 9.2 in. which shipping time weight is 16.89 pounds. It is available with integrated storage facilities and wireless options.



This vinyl cutting machine’s market price is $226.00 with paid shipping at the cost of $12.99.


Features Available with this Vinyl Cutter


  • Bluetooth installed for wireless commands
  • Dual carriage system provided for the convenience of one step cutting and scoring
  • Can cut a varied range of products, over 60 types, from leather to vellum
  • For easy material settings smart set dial is available
  • This vinyl cutting machine contains integrated storage compartments
  • It can cut with all types of Cricutcartridges
  • For easy material settings, smart set dial is available
  • Storage compartment is given in integrated condition
  • You can upload images of different format very easily
  • Free design software and app from online
  • Easy troubleshooting using wireless facilities

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Vinyl Cutter Machine Reviews

70% customers of amazon expressed their utmost satisfaction after using thisCricutmachine. The facility of wireless performance made it popular tremendously.

It is easy to use, fast but quiet. It doesn’t disturb the people even if you use it at office. Manual settings is possible to customize the machine for convenient use. The customers have some demands too.

They wish to have a scrapper tool with it. And some customers said to upgrade the software for more flawless performance. This vinyl cutting machine got overall 4.2star rating from its users at amazon. Customers termed it as the best small size vinyl cutting machine.

Silhouette Portrait 2vinyl cutting machine

Machine Overview:

Thisvinyl cutting machine is available with embedded Bluetooth and auto blade. It is able to cut different types of materials. Its software is able to run on different operating systems as it is compatible with them. It is available with many digital designs that would be helpful for beginners.

Machine Details:

Thisvinyl cutter machine dimension is 18 x 8 x 9 in. and shipping time weight is 6.65 pounds. Available with power cable, USB cable, cutting mat, auto blade and Bluetooth adapter.


Silhouette Portrait 2 vinyl cutter costs $159.99 with free shipping. You can also get cutting mat and replacement blade by paying extra $15.17.

Features Available:

  • Very lightweight vinyl cutter
  • Bluetooth facilities for wireless commands
  • Auto blade for precision cutting
  • Windows and Mac compatible software
  • 50 up to date design
  • Facilities of cutting a wide range of products, 100+ materials
  • Free subscription to the Silhouette (one month) for exclusive features
  • USB 2.0 for high speed transfer
  • 8 inch cutting mat is provided with the machine
  • A software named Silhouette Studio
  • It provides a cutting area of 8X12 inch, 31.5 mm thickness
  • Cutting force of this vinyl cutting machine is 210gf

Silhouette Portrait 2 Vinyl Cutter Machine Reviews

74% customers gave 5star feedback for this vinyl cutter machine and its overall rating is 4.2. Its blade installation is very easy. Very lightweight for handling. But, some complained about its extra light weight. Without good quality vinyl sheets, its performance may fall subsequently.

·         Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE – Sign Making Kit w/ Design & Cut Software, Supplies + Tools

Machine Overview

It is one of the best vinyl cutters available in the market. It is able to perform with different types of software like Vinyl master, Sure Cuts A lot etc.


Machine Details

Its dimension is 42.6 x 16.3 x 13.2 in. and shipping time weight is 51 pounds.



This vinyl cutting machine’s market price is $389.99 with free shipping facilities. Cutting speed is 39 in/s and cutting force is 350g.


Available Features


  • For choosing materials with flexibility, two nos. adjustable pinch rollers are provided
  • You will get with the package some extra things. 1 no. machine with stand, 1 no. design and cut software, 5 nos. vinyl rolls of 24 in width and 5 ft long of 5 colors, 2 nos. 12X24 in. magnetic blanks, 2 nos. application transfer tape, 3 nos. vinyl cutting blades, 1 no. hobby knife and a squeegee.
  • A blade holder containing most economical blades. The blade holder is compatible to Roland.
  • High quality media roller system
  • Latest design and vinyl cutting software.
  • Compatible to windows. (Not compatible to other operating systems like Mac)

Customer Feedback

The overall customer rating of this vinyl cutting machine is 3.9. 56% customers rated 5star for this machine. Its set up is very easy. Easy to operate. But, it’s incompatibility to some operating systems is a problem with this vinyl cutter. However, its overall performance is very satisfactory.


From the above-mentioned vinyl cutting machines it is very difficult to judge the best one. But, on the basis of this discussion you can easily pick one vinyl cutter machine that is best for your business. You can choose your machine from this list keeping the eyes and heart open.