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Choose the right Ink for Screen printing machine

Ink is an essential material for the screen printing machine but often there is the confusion of choosing the most suitable ink. Particularly the new entrepreneurs with screen printing business become hesitated to select the ink considering best for their printing job. Of course, the beginners are to find the solution relating to select proper ink for their screen printers. However to solve this problem the new entrepreneur is to think first what is going to print. Then think which will be the best matching ink for the particular printing item. Broadly for screen print job, it is needed to choose proper ink from two categories (i) Water-based (ii) Plastisol. Both the inks are widely used for screen printing job. So, first analyze both the inks and then draw a conclusion which will be the best selection for the particular printing job.

Plastisol is more suitable for dark color:

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Materials mainly used for this ink are plasticizer liquid and polyvinyl (PVC). It is thick and seems rough to touch. In fact, Plastisol ink gets attached on the top of the fabric and do not make the fabric dying.

Simple to Use, Enormous for Gloomy Clothes:

Plastisol is highly suitable for the garments those are heavy such as the sweatshirts. It provides lively prints on gloomy cloth. The quality of Jerseys gets improved by thick printing with Plastisol. Perform printing with Plastisol is easier than water based ink and one can dispose of it engaging less effort that water based ink.

Limitations of Plastisol:

–    Not easy to breathe for thick and rubbery nature.

–    To set Plastisol 320°F temperature is needed having with a particular time limit otherwise ink will be kept wet till  PVC resin and plasticizer fluid is Bonded.

–        Not easy to print on cloth made of soft cotton.

–        Fibrillation is caused (poke of small fiber through the print)

–       After some wash cloth printed with Plastisol could get split.


Water Based Ink

–    Easy to discharge from the pot for its thin and running quality.

–     Could produce quality print –transparent and soft to touch.

–     The classic presentation could be produced on the fabric by printing with water base ink.

–     More suitable for medium and light colored fabrics.

–     Fashion wear becomes more attracted having with water based print.

–     Can be dried through air subject to provide required time.

However, your choice to get exactly suitable ink becomes easy as a number if ink producers add some extra ingredients with your ink so that you could have an excellent mixture of your print. So, you can easily collect proper ink for your screen printing machine as per your choice and budget.

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