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How to Solve the Problems of Yudu screen printing Machine?

Yudu screen printing machine is a complete tabletop small personal screen printer. This small Yudu printer is best for t-shirt design, silk screen printing, home decor,  posters, cards, schoolwork etc. Yudu personal screen printer t-shirt screen printing press has some pros and corns. I like to list here three major problems and solution which are related with Yudu.

Problems of Yudu Screen Printing Machine Personal Screen Printer

Yudu screen printing machine

Yudu screen printing machine personal screen printer

While printing different designs or images on t-shirts with Yudu, getting thin line is a kind of the problems that may damage your shirts. Sometimes, the mesh or the screen resolution of Yudu personal printer gets very low and can’t hold the image clearly. On otherside, few Yudu printers may pull a very poor quality ink through the squeegee. After buying a Yudu screen printing machine, you may find the frame of Yudu personal press is too light and it can’t hold enough screen tension.

In the industrial mesh count, there is various screen mash among thirty-three to three hundred and more. Yudu press has the resolution of  High, medium and low for screen printing mesh.

The Solutions for the Problems of Yudu Screen Printing Machine Personal Screen Printer

For the thinner line problem and small type Yudu personal screen printer, a screen screen printer should use the medium resolution near about 160 mesh. It is a good renge resolution for your stencil and good for exposing or burning out the screens. It will meet all the purposes of a newbie Yudu user regarding screen printing.

Near about 110 meshes is low-resolution screen mesh which is generally used for colored and thick inks. It also needs for low detail prints. These are easier to flow of ink and these are not as expensive
as high-resolution screens are.

Screen resolution range from 190 to up from there is known as the highest resolution for screens. This resolution of the screen is able to capture small dots and thin lines and good quality of the image is achieved by the Yudu silk screen printing machines like a photographic image.

So from the description above, what screen resolution will you choose for Yudu? Instead of high or medium screen resolution, low-resolution screen near about 110 meshes is suitable for Yudu. Yudu screen printers should know that small type dots and thin lines don’t hold by 110 meshes.

The Squeegee Flexibility of the  Yudu Sersonal Printer

After the screen resolution comes the turn for the squeegee. There are various squeegees in screen printing. Squeegees differ according to the handle characteristic, composition and structure of blade. We need to have a test of the flexibility of the squeegees for Yudu as the Yudu personal screen printer machine is designed not only for general purpose but also for screen printing business poupose.

The squeegee flexibility is the most key facts in the screen printing industries or workshops. The other name of this squeegee flexibility is durometer in the scree printing industries. Durometers are three types- hard, medium and soft. 80-90 durometer is the high flexibility, 70 durometer is medium and 60 durometer is soft flexibility. When you use a bulk amount of ink for printing, you can use soft flexibility screen resolution. Harder screen resolution needs in case of more detailed business. Screen printer should make a choice for the most suitable squeegee blades which are likely much with the Yudu screen printing press and it would be a medium durometer of 70. If your Yudu is used for general purpose inks and wants to print general purpose images with it, medium durometer would be the best choice for you. Less than 60 or 60 durometer is not harder and suits for Yudu squeegee.

If the tension of the screen that you use in time of printing is not at the sufficient level, low quality of images will be printed as the tension has their own custom.There is another problem for the professional squeegee of medium durometer with the screen mesh of 160 and it is screen tension. This screen tension will be an obstacle to the high quality of printing with Yudu screen printing machine.  

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