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Most Effective Tactics to Choose the Right Squeegee for screen printing machine

The right tools are essential for a screen printing machine, and the squeegee is one of the most significant tools of screen printing equipment. Before purchasing a squeegee for your screen printing press, number options are to be considered. Moreover, you should examine what is the effect of every option/variable on your print then choose the best squeegee for your screen printing machine.

screen printing machine

Examine the Shape: 

You can find the tip of the squeegee having a number of shapes. Those are as follows:

  • Being with shaped Square or Straight-edge squeegee: The most frequently used squeegee blades those are found more suitable for common screen printing works.
  • Being with shaped Round or ball-nose: Competent to print with the ink deposited heavily, as a result, it brings better print on the substrates those are heavier and it also prints better when special ink is used.
  • Round – or ball-nose – squeegees are used when printers need a heavier deposit of ink, such as when printing on heavier substrates or when printing with specialty inks.
  • Beveled squeegees are used widely to print curved or uneven substrates; it keeps the quality to approach on one or both sides of the blade.


Durometer measures squeegee rigidity, and the higher durometer refers the blade harder. The harder squeegees blades shear the ink completely. On the other hand, a more substantial ink deposit is left behind by the softer squeegees.

Soft squeegees range durometer is 50 to 60. These are suitable to print on heavy substrates, to control fibrillation or to print taking special ink with leaving heavy ink deposited.

Medium hardness squeegees are 70 durometers are and suitable for screen printing machine to perform general screen printing job.

Hard /ultra hard squeegees have 80 to 90 durometers and they leaving a lighter ink deposit. They are perfect with high mesh count screens, at the time of printing fine feature or to print four-color process printing job.

On the other hand composite squeegee blades with layers of diverse durometers are also not available. The printing edge keeps a lower durometer has got the quality to mold easily alongside the screen, on the contrary, a higher durometer layer that possesses the strength to prevent the squeegee to bend and lost its shape.

Regarding Materials

Natural rubber, neoprene or polyurethane are the material to make Squeegees.

Conventionally natural rubber is used to make Squeegees. Rubber blades let cost less comparing to other squeegees, but they have lost the popularity and utility as they absorb solvents and get the quick break down.

Neoprene blades are to be purchased by expending more than rubber but less expensive than polyurethane blades. For having quality to oppose collapse better in comprising to the blades made of rubber Neoprene has achieved popularity in choosing squeegee

Polyurethane, the most durable squeegee blades but too expensive//. Polyurethane blades have been frequently used for printing jobs that will obtain an extensive span of time and printing by means of automatic or semiautomatic presses.

About Handle       

Mind it that you are to provide foremost contemplation for the squeegee handle of screen printing machine. For the handle, you need both holding up better to the rigors of printing and feeling relaxed in your hand.

Wooden handles are a permanently favorite as they are tepid and contented in the hand. Conversely, they as well soak up damp and solvents. The technique to swap out squeegee blades as well is typically harder with the handle made of wood.

You can clean plastic or aluminum handles engaging easy effort and also swaps out the blades with the easy and quick process. So, it is wise to find handles having with the user-friendly design so that you could feel comfortable in your hand.



Additional considerations:

Several options are to be considered to select proper squeegee for the printing equipment.


  • About the width of Blade – The squeegee blade should make bigger nearly one inch away from your artwork on every surface; on the other hand, the blade shouldn’t appear excessively close to the structure of your screen, as this could demolish the stress of the screen.
  • Regarding the condition of Blade – Squeegee blades could improve nicks or bend. Due to the scratchiness of the screens, they could uninteresting in excess of time. Be certain your squeegee has been in fine form and out of warping or spoil because this could hamper the quality of your print.
  • Taking care of the squeegee – Blades could soak up dampness and solvents. No blade is to be kept in a mixture. You should clean blades promptly following the use and keep enough squeegee blades in stock so that you could turn your blades, to provide each blade sufficient time to get dry at the interval of the printing job.

Being a screen printer first you should realize the impact of numerous reactions on your print by and large then as per select the exact squeegee for each and every screen printing job because of proper selection, needed care can the positive aspect to help to enlighten your printing jobs done by your screen printing machine.

When you understand how each squeegee variable affects your print, you can choose the right squeegee for each screen printing machine and job. The right squeegee and the proper care for the squeegee will help you to improve your screen printing.

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