Q. What is screen Printing Machine?
A. A screen printing machine is a piece of equipment that utilizes a technique that involves using a mesh to transfer ink into a substratum.
Q. What Should I consider before buying a screen printing machine?
A. Before choosing a screen printing press, you should look for a reliable brand or manufacturer. Good press is always in high price. If you buy a press in cheap, it may require repair in future or it may not long lasting. You buy screen printing equipment that offers the commercial and technical application.

 Q. How to Choose the Right screen printing machine?

A.You should keep in mind three things while choosing the screen printing machine for your shop or business- Manual press or automatic press, Tabletop press or free-standing press, colors and stations. If you are running a small business simple brand or little workshop or you love to pull squeegee, you can start with the manual screen printing machine. When your business growing smoothly and you are serious about screen printing, you might go for the automatic screen printing machine. Table to screen printing press is good for limited space but if you have space, you can go for the full sized or free standing screen printing machine. Most of the printers like to depend on 4 and 8 color screen printing machine. If you need to design 4 colors, you can choose a 4 color 2 station presses. If for the fastest printing with no late, you can buy 6 color 4 station screen printing press or 8 color 6 station screen printing machine.

Q.How long should I expose my screens?

A.This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many variables. You have to think for the thickness of the emulsion, mesh count, type of emulsion, color of the mesh, and humidity among other things. A screen printer use an Exposure Calculator or can do a Test run.

The Step Wedge is a modified exposure calculator. The exposure calculator is a piece of a filter and art. It places together and burns for a specific amount of time. You have to wash after expose and every part has a value, from which you can get the exposure time.

Q. What is the set up for a t-shirt screen Printing Machine?
A. You need to have a counter or table in a workplace or kitchen room but you must have plenty of space to work in. Some things you will want to gather would be a squirt bottle, wet wipes or paper towels, a sponge, clear packing tape, an iron and an ironing board. You will also want to have access to a sink.

Q.Can you use a flash cure to cure a shirt instead of a conveyor dryer?

A. After printing a few years on your manual press, you can set up an automatic plash cure. Though it will take a long but you can use it to be a little more watchful that you don’t under cure it or over cure it. You really have to be there with a temp gun or thermal probe.

Q. How do I use transparency to print on?

A. You have to use transparency in milky white side and lightly moisten your fingers , rub them in the corner. Finally, let the transparency dry before printing on it.

Q.Why don’t the clear protective sheet is not coming off easily?

A.You must make the protective sheet faster; otherwise the emulsion is not dry. Put it back your screen printing press and press the dry button again. On the other hand, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying or with a fan. Once the emulsion is completely dry, the clear protective sheet will come off easily.