Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Yudu Personal Screen Printer Silk Screen Printing Machine for Small Business

 Introduction to Yudu Personal Screen Printer Silk Screen Printing Machine

Yudu personal screen printer includes emulsion sheet, mesh screen, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, squeegee, 2-ounce bottle of black ink and blank ink-jet transparency.

It is really a matter of joy when you can make your own t-shirt design at home. The Yudu screen printer means a personal screen printing press that helps you to make your designs and other printings. This press allows producing your own clothing designs or t-shirts. Though it for a home based screen printing, it can work like a professional screen printer. Let’s see an overview of Yudu

Yudu Personal Screen Printer silk screen printing machine

Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Yudu Personal Screen Printer silk screen printing machine

Specification of the Yudu personal Screen Printer

  1. Personal silk-screening system for apparel, home décor, and more; ideal for use on cotton and poly-cotton blends
  2. Includes printing machine, mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, blank ink-jet transparency, and 2-ounce bottle of black ink
  3. Easy-to-use control panel operates printer’s light, exposure, and fan operations; requires access to computer and ink-jet printer
  4. With instructional DVD and user manual included; unplug printer before wiping clean with damp rag, or when not in use
  5. Measures 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 11 inches high; limited manufacturer warranty

Overview of Yudu Personal Screen Printer Silk Screen Printing Machine

Yudu personal screen printer is compatible for art prints, home décor, schoolwork, posters, cards, and much more. A revolutionary personal screen printer Yudu is measured 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 11 inches high and its control panel is easy to operate with exposure and fan operations.


There a so many ways of making designs of your t-shirts. You can hire a professional screen printer but you must need a minimum number of items before you go for that. Besides, it may be expensive sometimes to make screen printing design. When you are trying to make several designs, the screen printers will charge you extra fees as they need to make the separate screen for each one. But you have the Yudu personal screen printing machine; you can save your extra cost. Yudu printer also helps to bring your latent talent

The Claim

The claim for the Yudu printer is that it makes you professional screen printer gradually as you are printing your own design yourself from start to finish. Yudu personal printing system is the cleanest and easiest method to design your logo or other t-shirt design and garment items, posters and much more. In this Yudu printing system, you design anything you want with the help of an ink-jet printer and a computer.

The Hype

The screen printing press has created the hype for its screen print at home. No other system can do the job like Yudu as another system requires a full setup to start full-screen printing in your garage or workshop. The screen printers or hobbyist who loves to do their design themselves can jump into this. They can create a chance to make a unique and clever design from their home.

The Cost

The Yudu comes with everything that you need to print the t-shirt and will cost you $300 to $400 for your expected design. Of course, you require a computer and an ink-jet printer to make the various designs through the system.

The Commitment

Before starting your screen printing with the Yudu personal screen printing machine, you have to learn how to use Yudu printer accurately for various professional designs. If you have a lot of items to use with Yudu screen printer and you expect the professional result, you should adept at using Yudu personal press consistently and accurately. Sometimes it is said that though you are mastering with it, you may not get expected result all the time. So the commitment level needs to rather high.


Though everyone is talking positive about the Yudu, in fact, it fails to create the positive impact on the screen printers or hobbyist.  Even the Yudu press is ho-hum in its positive reviews and it is underwhelmed. The Yudu personal printer works apparently and just not doing amazing screen printing job for you or you aren’t speaking out saying “whoa” after completing your screen printing project. Within this price point of the Yudu, you may expect to create the stunning prints on shirts as it is foolproof and easy to use. Unfortunately, this isn’t the real fact here.

A common complaint from the Yudu personal screen printers is that it takes a little time to adjust to it but once you can set up the press correctly, it’s not tough to use. The Yudu personal screen printing machine isn’t designed something for the casual hobbyist screen printer to get involved in as it’s quite highly developed printing system. You should buy the Yudu personal printing press if you have the keen interest to get into the screen printing to bring the worth of your money. If you aren’t ready to do so, you shouldn’t have enough drive go for this Yudu printer to stick with paints, exposure sheet, and inks.

Yudu Personal Screen Printer silk screen printing machine

Final Review of Yudu Personal Screen Printer Silk Screen Printing Machine

If you want to start a small screen printing projects or you have existing screen printing workshop, this Yudu screen printing machine, personal screen printer might be the best choice than to hire a professional screen printer. However, the Yudu screen printing method can’t go to your thumbs of high rating as the feedback from the consumers just isn’t much positive. Some Yudu buyers make the negative comment or criticize the accessories while praising politely the main unit. On the others side, they said the whole thing is just a bit underwhelmed.

Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Our Recommendations for Yudu personal printer

When you have the definite need for this personal printing press, it should have filled up your expectations that live up to your satisfaction. However, the satisfaction level of using this pres is less than a 50% and you have less chance that would make satisfy you. Therefore, our recommendation is to explore other options before purchasing it. Look at what screenprintingmachine.net can do for you, and check out the reviews of different printers on Yudu screen printing machine and the opinions of the screen printers.

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Yudu Personal Screen Printer

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