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How to Use Your Best Screen Printing Machine Properly for T-Shirts?

 screen Printing machine

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In order for successfully and effectively transferring your wonderfully designed image or logo to your t-shirt, it is very important for you to know well how to use this t-shirt screen printing machine properly.

We have tried to interpret a complete step-by-step guideline on how to utilize your heat transfer or t-shirt screen Printing Machine accurately.

Well. Let’s go through the steps.

Identify Your Desired Image or Creative Logo to Print on Your T-Shirt  

How can you produce concepts for your creative artwork to transfer it to your t-shirt?

There are lots of ways you can produce your creative artwork or image to print on your t-shirt. Suppose, you would like to use a slogan, you can put your personal abstract artistic artwork or alternatively you can use your digital photograph.

There is also computer software named graphic design. You can easily use this software to edit design on the t-shirt as your convenience and necessity.

Once, all you have done make sure that your complete image is flipped horizontally before you print the image because it needs a reverse view.

Print the reversed Image onto Heat Transfer Paper

After you successfully edit your image, you now need to imprint it on your transfer paper.

Okay. It is always a good decision to make a test print before you finally imprint on the transfer paper. The printing process refers to imprint the designed image on a standard piece of paper. It will ensure you that the original image printing on the t-shirt will be in accordance with your prospect.

If your printed design or image can meet your expectation, you are now ready to get your output on your transfer sheet.

When you are buying your transfer paper, you need to make sure that the transfer paper is with a clear and transparent film on one side as the type of clothes you want to print is varies. This is especially ideal for printing on light gray and white t-shirt. In addition, it also works well in other colors. Make sure that your transfer sheet is accurately placed on the printer. You must print the image on the film side- remember it.

Remove the Additional Parts of Your Transfer Paper That You Do Not Want to Print on the T-Shirt

As your designed image’s ink needs the paper film to be set in the film, you can leave any unnecessary part of the sheet. This will helps the printer transfer the image onto your end garments perfectly.

Get Your Screen Printing Machine Prepared for Transfer Procedure

In the meantime, your logo or image is ready to be transferred. Now, flip the switch and turn it on. Adjust the thermostat knob to get the read heating light appeared. Once the thermometer calculation gives you an accurate pressure temperature for your respective t-shirt you are printing on, rotate the knob toward the left until the heating signal does not go off.

Remember that the heating signal or heating light is programmed to turn it on or off as to regulate the required temperature. Sometimes, your machine might arrive with a digital time controller. If so, start the timer. Only when you get the alarm you are waiting for, press the stop button to reset it.

Gradually elevate the handle of your machine to open it.

Put the Transfer Sheet as to Face Down the Film over Your T-Shirt

Lay out your garments on the machine’s base platen and start it. Make sure that it is effectively spread up to transfer your image. Now, put your transfer sheet in place with the film facing down over your garments.

Bring Down Your Heating Platen

Your upper platen is the heating component. Hold it. It locks your t-shirts altogether with your transfer sheet securely fixed in place.

There is a direction note on your transfer paper. Follow this and fix your machine’s timer accordingly. After completing the process, the timer starts ringing to alarm you that the procedure is now finished. Now, you need to lift the heating platen. Otherwise, it can cause an overexposure of your t-shirt to the heat. It can probably burn your garments.

At the end, you need to peel your heat transfer sheet from your t-shirt. Look at your t-shirt. Wow! It’s amazing! How nice the image that makes the t-shirt great looking!

Important Note

  • Don’t wash your t-shirt within about 24 hours. Your t-shirt needs sufficient time to get locked the image or logo on the product.
  • Your machine is not suitable to print all types of garments. Remember it. The materials that are probably prone to melt if exposed to high temperature, are not acceptable to be printed with this machine. Some materials that are not suitable for this machine include nylon, polyester, Lycra, spandex etc.
  • Always try to choose an inkjet printer at the time when you are printing on your transfer sheet. The inkjet printers can generate clear and good-quality prints.
  • Be aware of choosing your transfer paper. Make sure that you pick the perfect transfer sheet that is the best fit for the color of your garments and nature of your printer.
  • Whenever it raises any confusion during your printing operation, never hesitate to pick read the user manual that comes with the machine. Most of the time, the manufacturers try to instruct on how to print your artwork and images on your garments. If any problem, why shouldn’t you follow their directions?

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