t shirt screen printing machine

6 Simple Steps for Using T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

Every new screen printing entrepreneur wants to learn the easy and simple techniques of t-shirt screen printing. The new t-shirt screen printing machine users often don’t know how to learn or where to get the top secrets of high-quality screen printing. They always get confused and can’t follow all the printing steps. As a result, the t-shirt gets a low-quality and blurry print. By losing hope, many new printers give up their business. To help the tension of new entrepreneurs, there are few g steps.


t shirt screen printing machine

T-shirt Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 1 Station

Six Simple Steps of t-shirt screen printing.

To get better printing on t-shirts, follow the steps below.  The things that you need first to start your t-shirt screen printing work:

  • Screens and Squeegee
  • Some Photo Emulsion
  • Latex Gloves and watt bulbs
  • Some Hold
  • Water with Emulsion
  • Take a T-shirt and Some Cardboard.

 Creating Image on  T-shirt

You have screens, squeegee and photo emulsion. First, you need to mix the water with the emulsion to make it sensitizer. Now make a thin line on the t-shirt. A black solid image is needed which will block the light. Later the emulsion burns the image. You can print it on a transparency paper when it will set on an image.

  Applying Emulsion 

After getting mixed the sensitizer with the emulsion, make a layer of it on the screen and spread it with the squeegee. The emulsion shouldn’t be used only the image area rather you need to use it in the larger area of the image. You can do it several times even you can’t see the image until the screen gets coated well. Then let it become dry for two hours in pitch black room.

 Exposing the Image on the Screen  

How will you expose the image on the screen? You need to do the work on the stencil in the same black room. Ensure there no light can appear. To apply the emulsion on the sheet, lay down the frame and screen with the black surface. Then apply the transparency where the photo emulsion should be applied. You can use a piece of glass or you can use tape over the transparency.

Now 2 or 3 feet height from the screen, move your lamp with an angle. If you don’t have this, you can use the reflection of tin foil. After 15 minutes, see the result. Get up the transparency from the screen carefully. You will find blue lines.

 Spray Cool Water and Cleaning the Screen

Take some cool water to spray on the screen. Take a look where the image comes off in flakes. Until you get a clear image, continue spraying. Take some time to dry that. When it becomes dry, cover that unexposed part of the screen with tape.

Finally, Printing with t-shirt Screen Printing Machine

Take your t-shirt and put it on the flat surface of your machine. Take a square size of cardboard and setup it in the area of your t-shirt you want to print. The screen should be placed with the design in a place where to print the area. From the top of the screen pour some ink horizontally. Then, with the squeegee give a small motion of the screen and give strong pressure. If you want to use any ink, the squeegee should be pushed up, down, left and right for a couple of time.

 Washing Printed T-shirt Soon

When you completed your printing, you should wash up it quickly as the printed ink dries soon.  Again, you further use the washed ink in future.

Screen printing is awesome and fantastic to you when you can print your t-shirt with your own hand. If you want to get high quality of print, use dots per inch (DPI). Cover the t-shirt screen printing machine for a while to save you from the heat of the machine. Try to use a dark material to get the bright print.

Different Printing Press and Effectiveness 

Those who have a lot of orders for t-shirts and want to promote business quickly needs to choose the right t-shirt screen printing press. They should look for the press that is very fast in printing and not expensive; that will fulfill their aspect. The traditional t-shirt screen printing machine that has the mesh and the squeegee is very expensive for small t-shirt printing business.

Some t-shirt screen printing equipment is functional. A huge amount of printing order can be performed by this type of machine. Large and long type fabric is printable on it. If you want to design the square area of your t-shirt, you need to take the help of the belt printing machine.

The belt press which is able to print all the areas of t-shirt including sleeves. It is known as the all-over screen printing machine. The cylinder inside the shirt is printed by a kind of specialized printing machine and it is called the Cylinder Printing Machine.

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