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01screen printing machineSuperland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment (4 color 4 station)screen printing machineThis 4 Color 4 Station Superland silk Screen Printing Machine, Single Rotary silk Screen Press can install upon four screen plates simultaneously. Upon installation, the screen layer can rotate independently, and then it is able to work for four colors t-shirt screen printing or any’ overprinting to make progressive proofs. Read Full Review>>
02screen printing machineSuperland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 2 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipmentscreen printing machineSuperland Silk Screen Printing Machine 2 Station 4 Color Screen Printing for T-shirt DIY Screen Printing Press Silk Screen Removable Pallet This Superland Screen Printing Machine is great, and it has high work efficiency. Read Full Review>>
03screen printing machineDeEtt Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 1 Station Screen Printing Press Screen Printing Machine Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY T-Shirt Processing Machinescreen printing machineDeEtt Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 1 Station silk screen printing machine is suitable for everyday printing substrates or clothing (especially for T-shirts),, copybook, woven fabric, metal, plastic, wood, glass, circuit board ceramic tile and leather. Read Full Review>>
04screen printing machineRidgeyard 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press DIY T-Shirt Processing Machine Adjustable Double Spring Devicesscreen printing machineRidgeyard screen printing press, 4 color 1 station rotary silk screen printing machine; especially suitable for small businesses can rotate fairly after installation and can install four screen printing plates. This screen printing press can perform four overprints at a time and design proof for a screen printing workshop or screen printing business Read Full Review>>
05screen printing machineBestEquip Screen Printing Machine 1 Station 4 Color Screen Printing for T-shirt DIY Screen Printing Press Silk Screen Removable Palletscreen printing machineThis 4 color 1 station silk screen printing machine goes well with the printing on paper, glass, wood, plastic, metal, lather, copybook, ceramics, especially for Printing T-shirts and for flat printing or plain printing products. Read Full Review>>
06screen printing machineHappybuy Screen Printing Machine Press 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine Adjustable Double Spring Devicesscreen printing machineThis manual silk screen printing press machine allows you to get the best value from limited project budgets. Designed for small printing shops, whether it is for multi-color or volume printing, this equipment can also serve as an ideal backup solution to larger companies. Read Full Review>>
07screen printing machineYudu Personal Screen Printerscreen printing machineYudu personal screen printer includes emulsion sheet, mesh screen, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, squeegee, 2-ounce bottle of black ink and blank ink-jet transparency. Read Full Review>>
08screen printing machineMaxwolf Screen Printing Machine Silk Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press 4 Color 2 Station Double Spring T-shirt Press DIYscreen printing machineMaxwolf Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 color 2 stations This press is 4 Color, 2 Station manual Maxwolf Silk Screen Printing Machine. It allows you to do your small printing project and you can get the best value from it. It is best for your limited budget projects. Read Full Review>>
09screen printing machineSilk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Presses DIY T-Shirtscreen printing machineSilk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Presses DIY T-Shirt Product description: This 4 color 4 stations Silk Screen Printing Machine is best t-shirt printing DIY for making versatile design in screen printing. The press is very powerful in screen printing and making Read Full Review>>
10screen printing machineSimple Single 1 Color 1 Station T-shirt Silk Screen Printing Machine NS101screen printing machineThe screen frame within .78″ (2cm) thickness is suitable for the screen clamp and the user can be moved up and down smoothly. This silk printer machine (1 color 1 station) is constructed with full metal structure. Read Full Review>>


 10 Best T Shirt- Screen Printing Machine Heat Press Machines for Small business

Behind every successful businessman there is a story of intensive research, long term planning, in-depth analysis and dedication. Similarly, for screen printing or t-shirt printing business it requires a detail conception.If you do not have sufficient knowledge on t-shirt printing machine and its features, then you are surely going to lag behind in the competitive printing business, because, without proper knowledge on your equipment, you can’t hope for an excellence and growth from your business.

Our researchers who have a lot of practical experience in different types of design printing on different cloths has spent a lot of time for listing 10 best heat press tee shirt screen printing machines. We did our best to bring the best product for you according to the lifespan, color stations, portability, durability, cost, and size of the machine.


Power Press Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt printing press Heat Press Machine

t-shirt screen printing machine heat transfer machine The power press industrial quality digital sublimation t-shirt printing machine heat transfer press is a brand new machine with improvements from the previous model. The t-shirt heat press is included Siser NA easy weed heat transfer vinyl, 12 x 15″ 12-Color Starter BUNDLE and 3 Pack Teflon Sheet For 16×20 Heat Press Transfer Sheet on the heat platen. The heat press is compact model and an upward opening which saves your space. This Digital t-shirt press machine is ideal for applying images, letters, numbers, and transfers on garments, t-shirts, ID badges, mouse mats, bags, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, and other items. The Power Press Industrial-Quality Digital heat press does a great work of heat transferring vinyl on different garments or objects. While you are going to buy a heat press you should test whether it can apply vinyl or not. The power press t-shirt press machine comes with enough working surface. The working surface is of 15 inches x 15 inches dimensions where you can easily transfer your artwork. The heat press also included the adjustable pressure and a stopwatch (alerts you ensuring you get the desired results) so that you can apply right pressure while printing different items. This makes sure that you won’t burn or overexpose your t-shirts and produce an unexpected design. You will get a silicone gel badges board at the bottom of the press which ensures the stability of the machine. This particular heat press model highly reliable as others heat transfer press.

Highlighted Features:

  • LCD Control Board, Special Thickened Aluminum Heating Plate
  • Fully digital temperature and time control, Guarantee the even and stable temperature over the whole heating plate,
  • Replaceable Fuse, Teflon Coated Heating Plate, Easy to clean, and convenient
  • Protect machine from overheating and electric short
  • Don't need coated sheet anymore, harmless to the cloth,
  • Provide attractive appearance.
  • Signal Indicator: Sound beeps when transferring it over
  • The pressure can be adjusted easily
  • The silicon pad can endure maximum 350 degrees without any distortion
  • Easy parameter setting
  • Integrated electric control system for simply adjusting and maintenance.
  • Dual electric system protection provides safe operation.

Power Press Digital t-shirt printing machine Sublimation heat press machine

Fancierstudio Power press Digital T-shirt Printing machine Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press 15x15 B/BLKk

Fancirstudio t-shirt heat press machine power press   Introduce to Fancierstudio Power Press T-shirt heat Press Machine The Fancierstudio digital sublimation power press t-shirt heat Press digital t-shirt printing machine is a great machine. It is the top best seller digital heat press machine in the present market. This Fancierstudio heat press is easy to assemble and  easy-to-use. This shirt heat press  is clamshell type. It is suitable for t-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, transfers, letters, numbers, ID badges, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, and other items printing.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Electronic temperature (0-500F) and timer (0-999sec) control
  2. Budget-friendly and Easy to Use
  3. This heat machine is durable and versatile.
  4. Heats fast and evenly.
  5. The surface of the press is smooth and well-finished.
  6. Distributes both pressure and heat well.
  7. Adjustable with most types of fabrics
  8. Spacious platform (15×15-inches) and heavy duty steel frame
  9. (15×15-inches) Clamshell Heat Press, compact and space-saving
If you are looking to buy a high-performance digital heat press to improve the productivity and print quality of your t-shirt printing business, you can buy the Fancierstudio Digital 15 by 15 Inch t-shirt printing machine. It is the standard and best heat transfer press machine for t-shirts and vinyl, caps, mugs and thick materials. This particular heat press transfer machine model is the most seller heat press machine on Amazon. Out of 316 reviews, 251 reviewers gave five stars as the press is highly reliable and incredible quality  Con's:
  1. The availability the power press is pretty sporadic
  2. Not available for shipping in some countries
T-Shirt Heat Press Power Press Digital t-shirt printing machine heat press machine  

ZENY Heat Press Machine 12" x 15" Pro 6 in 1 Combo Digital T-shirt Printing Machine Multifunction Heat Transfer Sublimation T-Shirt /Mug /Hat /Plate

digital t-shirt printing machine heat press

ZENY Heat Press Machine 12" x 15" Pro 6 in 1 Combo Digital Overview:

This machine is for more professional use as its use is diversified. Its heating plate is thicker and evenly distributed heat on the flat surface is achieved. Its current price at amazon is $245.59 with free shipping. Manufacturer provides 6 months warranty from the time of purchase.

This t-shirt heat press machine has efficiency nearer to a digital t-shirt printing machine having a heat plate of 15″x11.5″, adjustable height is 13.5 inch to 17 inch.

Zeny Heat Pro t-shirt screen printing machine is tailored for you as it includes heat press and also mugs press. It has a 12″ X 15″ Teflon covered platen press element which reasonably substantial to create your T-shirt. As the name suggests, it’s a 6 in 1 combo and comes loaded with one Hat press, 2 Mug presses, 2 Plate presses, one Silicon pad and also one cotton Pad with a Fully constructed machine with platen plates.

Highlighted Features:

  • This t-shirt printing machine has voltage requirement of 110V with US grounded plug and 900W power.
  • Machine temperature may rise up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimum heating time is within 10 to 15 minutes. Chord length is 4.5 feet.
  • It is available in black color.
  • It has 4/5″ thick heating board and even heating system exists.
  • It is available with upgraded aluminum alloy cradle.
  • Options of selecting any temperature scale from Fahrenheit and Celcius.
  • Contains an adjustable multi spring balancer.
  • Heating up is very fast.
  • Offers the scope of printing mugs by detached cradles which is compact and lightweight than other mug cradles.

 Digital t-shirt printing machine heat press machine


Superland Power Heat Press Machine T-shirt printing machine 6 in 1 Industrial-Quality Multi-functional Sublimation T-Shirt Hat Mug pres

power press digital heat press machine t-shirt press

Introduction to Superland Power Heat Press 6 in 1 Industrial-Quality

Superland Power Heat pres heat transfer printer comes with 6 heating elements of different sizes. The Superland power press t-shirt printing heat press machine can heat up to 480 degree fahrenheit. The press machine comes with the voltage: 110 v and power 1400w. This Swing away designed Superland power heat transferring t-shirt mug multi-functional  sublimation press can rotate 360 -degree full rotation. The heat platen size:12" x 15" ; mug press:3"-3.5"diameter (11oz) and cup/hat press:  6" x 3" curved. The Power Heat Press heat transferring machine(t-shirt/mug/hat) press packaged with the digital LED  time controller and temperature controller and multi-spring balancer which are adjustable. The heat transferring machine distributes pressure across the entire heat platen more evenly when it is closed.

Highlighted Features

  •          Adjustable multi-spring balancer, 4/5" thick heating board, Metal and plastic construction
  •          heit and Celsius scale are selectable, 2 4/5" Long arm handle ; Adjustable feet for unevenly floor
  •          Full-range pressure-adjustment knob, Teflon-coated platen press element
  •          Digital control ensures the high precision and sensitivity
  •          Detachable lower platform; Upgraded aluminum alloy cradle; Built-in fuse for safe using
  •          Combo type: it could transfer images to T-shirt, mug, plate, cap and so on
  •          The changing among the spare parts is available when necessary
  •          High precise automatic digital temperature indicator
  •          Heating coil and heating panel are integrated, safe and durable
  •          Issues with certain thickness can also be transferred
  •          Adopting advanced technology and good material for better effect
Superland Power Heat transferring Press Digital t-shirt printing machine heat press machine  

VEVOR Heat Presses 15 X 15 Inch 8 in 1 Digital T-shirt Printing machine Multifunctional Sublimation T Shirt Heat Press Machine Digital Heat Press Machine for T shirts Hat Mug Plate (8in1 15X15Inch Auto-Countdown)

VEVOR Heat Presses Digital heat transfer Sublimation T Shirt Heat Press Machine Heat Press Machine for T shirts

Introduction to VEVOR Heat Presses 15 X 15 Inch 8 in 1 Digital Multifunctional Sublimation T Shirt printing Heat Press Machine

This VEVOR Heat Presses multi-functional t-shirt printing machine, heat transfer sublimation machine 8 in 1 digital heat press machine has a built-in Teflon coated 15" x 12" heat platen with a full range of heating coils to allow for consistency throughout its surface. The digital timer control is adjustable up to 999 seconds. The manual open and close handle is easy to operate and can be adjusted with the pressure knob at the rear of the machine.

This VEVOR multi-functional all-in-one 8 in1 t-shirt heat press is usable for ceramic tiles, T-shirts, lettering,  ceramic plates, mugs, mouse pads, caps, coasters, jigsaw puzzles and other printable fabrics and materials. The heat transfer press is lightweight and compact size and it is compared to standard mug cradles o Detached cradle for use of the mug elements.

Highlighted Features

Built-in fuse, Large 12" x 15" transfer element, 12×15 inch worktable area

Eight different elements including hat press, a mug press, plate press,latte mug press, and more

Digital LED controller, 32 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, timer of 0 to 999 seconds

Swing arm rotates full 360-degree rotation

adjustment knob: full-range pressure, Adjustable multi-spring balancer:4/5" thick heating board

Teflon-coated platen press element 2 4/5" Long arm hand Detachable lower platform,

 VEVOR Heat Presses Digital t-shirt printing machine multi-functional heat press machine heat transfer press


ShareProfit 12’’ X 15’’ 5 In 1 Digital Heat Press Digital Heat Press Adjustable Multi-spring Balancer Heat Press Machine 1400W T Shirt Press Machine Swing-away Hat Press Non-Stick (5 In 1 12’’ X 15’’)

shareprofit digital heat press t-shirt printing press

Introduction to ShareProfit Digital Heat Press machine T-shirt press

This ShareProfit digital heat pres t-shirt screen press machine includes flat platen, mugs plates. This ShareProfit t-shirt printer machine comes with all-in-one press and it can print on T-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, lettering, other misc. fabrics & materials The Temperature range of shareprofit heat press t-shirt printing machine is 32F to  480F degree timer control: 0 - 999 seconds. The t-shirt printer machine come along with  2 4/5" Long arm handle  which is comfortable with a rubber grip for everyday use.You can use this for long production runs.  The digital heat transfer press t-shirt machine (mug/hat) press is packaged with teflon-coated platen press element.  The surface of the shareProfit heat transfer is non-stick and it preventing scorching of transfers. You don,t need to buy a separate teflon/silicon sheet.This press machine provides a big surface so that you can make your own custom T-shirt that allow you to create custom t-shirts,license plates, mugs, hats, and many other unique and fun items

Highlighted Features:

  • Platen Press (Telfon-Coated):12" x 15";Hat / Cap Press: 6" x 3" (Curved);
  • Mug Press: 3"-3.5" Diameter (11OZ);Plate Press #1: 5" Max Diameter;
  • Plate Press #2: 6" Max Diameter Power:900W;
  • Digital control with electronic timer
  • Adjustable multi-spring device
  • Non-stick sheet
  • Offers a larger working area
  • You can print on any flat surface
  • Height based (adjustable) on the thickness of material
   ShareProfit Digital t-shirt printing machine heat transfer press machine  
  1. F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine T-shirt Hat Cap Mug Plate Digital Transfer Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press Machine (6 in 1)

  digital heat transfer machine t-shirt printer machine  

Introduction to F2C 6 in 1 Professional t-shirt printing press Multifunction Digital Heat Transfer press Sublimation Swing-away

This F2C digital t-shirt heat transferring 6 in 1 sublimation heat press machine is a fantastic swing-away design and versatile press. The interchangeable system (heat platens and other elements) of the press machine express its popularity for various printing design. You can transfer characters and colorful pictures of sublimating and printing ink onto textiles, glasses, ceramics, such as flax, chemical fiber, cotton, nylon, etc. This all-in-one F2C 6 in 1  heat press is a great product for those who are T-shirts, ceramic tiles and plates, caps, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, coasters, lettering, other fabrics & materials that you can use. F2C Pro professional t-shirt printing press 6 in 1 Combo malfunction heat press swing-away designed machine can rotate full 360-degree rotation. This Brand new professional swing-away design heat transfer press comes with Non-stick surface.This press can be used for the mugs, hats & pads elements. The F2C 6 in 1 Combo digital heat press is a versatile and flexible heat transfer equipment. You can apply this press for various graphics designs on any materials that you can use. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Large 12" x 15" heating platens and it provides a big surface
  • The F2C heat press is Digital LED controlled( time and temperature; set the desired temperature and time) and CE certified.
  • 2 4/5" Long arm handle and removable silicone pad and cotton pad
  • Selectable Celsius, Fahrenheit scale and audible alarm
  • Draw down the handle and wait until it alerts
  • Adjustable multi-spring balancer and 4/5" thick heating board
  • Built-in structural support to maintain flatness
  • Full-range pressure-adjustment knob
  • Prevents scorching of transfers
  • Allows pressure to be more evenly distributed across the entire platen when it is closed
  • Upgraded aluminium alloy cradle
  • Detached cradle for use of other elements
  • Power input:110v - with US-standard grounded plug;Wattage :1000W; Temperature range 32 - 430 Fahrenheit degree (0 - 250 Centigrade);Timer control 0 - 999 seconds; Dimension :w/ platen press) 15 1/4"L x 15"W x 17"H;T-shirt Plate (telfon-coated) 12" x 15" ;Adjustable height:13 1/2" to 17".
   Digital t-shirt printing machine heat press machine

ePhotoInc Swing Away 9 x 12 T Shirt Heat Press Machine Transfer Sublimation Press 9x12BLK

[caption id="attachment_940" align="aligncenter" width="500"]t-shirt heat press swing away heat press machine ePhotoInc NEW T Shirt Transfer Heat Press Machine 12" X 9" Digital Swing Away Heat Press Transfer Machine for T-Shirt ZP9BLK[/caption]

Brand New swing away Transfer Heat Press Machine by ePhotoInc®. Voltage:110V Power: 1200W Heat Press size: 12" x 9" **BRAND NEW; TEFLON SHEET IS INCLUDED**

The ePhotoInc® heat press uses heavy pressure and high heat to transfer design onto your project permanently. These machines are highly recommended over regular irons since the irons cannot obtain the high pressure and high temperature that a heat press machine can reach and sustain.

Heat Press Machine is fully equipped with latest digital Temperature and Time Display Controller, LCD displays show the temperature and time. Temp: room temp to 500°F, Time: 0-999s. The Aluminum heat platen is Teflon coated and the special designed heat platen effectively guarantee the even temperature all around.

Heat Press Machine is best for industrial, professional and home use. It is ideal for T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates and other flat surfaced items.


This ePhotoInc® swing away T Shirt Heat Press machine arrives fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Electronic time and heat control allow precise programming for consistent results Easy to adjust pressure simply with the turn of a knob on top of the heat press machine

 Digital t-shirt printing machine heat press machine  

Promo Heat 15 in. x 15 in. Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine – Clamshell – Model PRO-3804X – Black

 clamshell t-shirt heat transfer press

Mophorn Heat Press 8 in 1 15 X 15 Inch Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine Desktop Iron Baseball Hat Press 1000W Digital Swing Away Transfer T Shirt Hat Mug (8IN1 15x15Inch)

 heat transfer machine

 11 Things for the Best T-Shirt Printing Machine

Key features to inspect just before you are going to buy the renovated or the best t-shirt printing machine. We research the market a lot and spend much time to survey on the t-shirt screen printer machine available in the market. Our observations include the quality of manufacturers, ins and outs of the individual product quality, customers’ feedback and review, comparative market price analysis, after sales servicing, design, automation, durability and so many parameters. We are here to ensure you to make a right choice for your respective job. The study reveals some key factors to bear in mind while purchasing the best professional tee shirt printing machine. Let’s explore them.

Built-in Quality and Design

Quality is the key to succeed in the t-shirt printing business. The more you invest in a good quality and durable designed t-shirt screen printing press, the more you get returns from your machine. Weight is a key parameter to identify a good quality machine when you are comparing among different models in the competitive market. Obviously, a heavier machine is equipped with high-quality components. The screen printing machine requires withstanding consistent clamping and movement. But a lighter machine does not always signify a bad quality. In respect of design, you should choose a clamshell design. They recruit a hinge design to open up a clam in between product placed and pressure applied during transfer. You need to make sure that the upper plate of the swings away heat press on one side and reveal the lower plate that helps access to functioning lower plate to avoid the danger of touching the warmed plate.


This is particularly important for those who want to buy t-shirt screen printing machine for small business or for the beginners. They have a very small budget or they intend to start with a small budget. You should spend up to your limit but make sure that the machine will meet your needs at least.

Heat Platen

The heat platen is a very important part of your t-shirt printing machine to transfer your image onto your t-shirt or other surfaces. While buying your t-shirt printing machine, make sure that you check and double check if the heating components distribute heat evenly. You need to do a demo to check this. Switch it on and move your hands over the platen to check heat supply.

Manufacturer Service

It is practical to call on the manufacturer. You might need technical support from the manufacturer if you are facing a problem operating the product or finding any defect in the product. A reliable consumer support makes the situation easy for you. A prompt response to you and a quick solution to your problem is a good way to decide to buy your screen printing press.

Digital Time and Control Panel

Nowadays, almost each of the digital heat press machine or t-shirt printing equipment comes with an integration of digital timer and temperature controller. You will need it to fix the accurate time and temperature value for every respective material you want to print on. You cannot but consider this system panel because you need to confirm risk-free t-shirts because of overexposure.


This is a very fundamental consideration you should make as you need sufficient space available. It is good to consider a larger size, say, 16” X 20”, if you want to work in a wider space. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a t-shirt screen printing machine for small business or if you have a smaller budget, choose a smaller size though it cannot suit all your needs. If you need to have imprinted on kids’ clothe, a size like 9” X 12” is fine. If you do not have enough area in your drawing office, choose a compact space-efficient model of screen printing press.

Temperature and Time Range

Temperature and time range is another good insight to identify your optimal digital t-shirt printing machine. For a standard model, around 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and almost 10 seconds enough for your t-shirt printing. This range will vary with the changes of the thickness of the clothes. As you know, a t-shirt and a hoody are very different in thickness.

Portable pressure and power knobs

Suppose, you intend to buy a clamshell designed t-shirt printing machine, you need to make sure that the equipped pressure and power knob is easily portable. It helps you control your pressure as you need during operation. If you buy a machine with a poorly equipped force knob, there will a strong possibility to get backaches when you are using too much pressure to work on. Very little pressure and logos or images would be difficult to transfer onto your garments sufficiently.

Prospective Users of the t-shirt printing Machine

This is one of the most important parameters to think about before buying t-shirt screen press machine. The intended users of the t-shirt printing press should come into consideration as the workers are very different with one another with respect to skills, strength, experience, age etc. The t-shirt printing machines are also different in style, model, and configuration. The ease and efficiency of using it depend on these two factors. Almost all of the screen printing presses come with a user manual or guidebook. This is always not the solution if your users or machine operators are with no education. It would be better if you select a model that comes with a user manual as well as full product training from the manufacturer.


Beside t-shirt heat press sublimation screen printing machines, there are many other t-shirt printing machines available on the market. They are also popular. So, you have lots of option to choose the best heat press machine but make sure that your selected machine is adaptable to the garments or materials you want to print on.


If you intend to invest a huge sum of money in screen printing press, your machine’s durability is important. Your screen printing equipment should perform a high volume of function with the least maintenance and repairs. So, consider a longer warranty period provided. A longer period of warranty or guaranty service is not always the solution. Warranty services might sometimes troublesome. Better, with a warranty period, emphasize on the components of the machine engineered with. Make sure that the spare parts, the framework, and all the attachments are made of good materials and they are durable. They ensure the machine’s durability.

5 Best T-shirt Printing Machine for Beginners in 2018

In the meantime, you have had a good grasp of how to choose the best t-shirt screen printing machine for your small business. Let’s look at the 5 best t-shirt printing machines for beginners in 2018 that our expert team has revealed out.

1. Zeny Heat Press Pro 6 in 1 Combo T-shirt Heat Press Machine

  ZENY Heat Press Pro 6in1 Combo Heat Press Machine Digital Multifunction Transfer SublimationZENY heat press machine is a professional but an ideal heat press t-shirt printingmachine for beginners for their t-shirt printing business. You can tailor your heat press machine for multipurpose use. It features both heat and mug press. It comes with a 12” X 15” Teflon coated platen component that is really important to have imprinted on your t-shirt. As you notice in its headline ‘6 in 1’ that signifies its 6 component in 1 box. They are one hat press, a pair of mug presses, silicon-made pad, and a cotton made pad. And the final component is the complete t-shirt heat press machine itself. Zeny the best heat press machine arrives with a temperature scale to tune your Fahrenheit and Celsius. Its equipped multi-spring balancer helps you dispense pressure equally across the platen during closing. The improved aluminum cradle and engineering fitness ensure even heating and flatness when it is running. Its temperature range fluctuates between o – 250 Centigrade. The timer can fluctuate from 0 – 999 seconds considering the thickness of the material.

Major Specifications of Zeny Heat Press Machine

  • Multiway temperature scale to measure between Fahrenheit and Centigrade
  • Convertible multi-spring balancer to disperse pressure
  • Portable cradle for attachments
  • Built-in basic support for flatness when operated

ProsCheck Price

  • Even heating feature
  • Lightweight
  • Portable cradle
  • Easiness in use


  • Smaller Plate
  • Higher price

2. Digital T-shirt Heat Press Digital T-shirt Printing Machine

ZENY Heat Press Pro 6in1 Combo Heat Press Machine Digital Multifunction Transfer SublimationOkay. If you are searching for the best t-shirt screen printing press, then this digital multipurpose t-shirt heat press machine will meet your needs. The digital heat press digital t-shirt printing machine arrives with Clamshell design and ensures sufficient slot to print on the t-shirt and other garments. Actually, the clamshell design needs a smaller space to operate. The digital heat press t-shirt screen printing machine is made of upgraded aluminum. It has a higher density heating board to heat promptly. The supported steal frame makes the equipment compact and solid. The other attachments include one replacement sheet, two sample cotton t-shirt for testing, and five vinyl. It is, furthermore, manufactured with a big LCD screen and functioning parameters. For starting a small t-shirt printing business, it is ideal as it is available at a reasonable rate in the market. Its setting up and pressure management is straightforward and unbelievably easy.

Major Specifications of Digital T-shirt Printing Machine

  • Clamshell design with sufficient space to work better
  • Digital t-shirt printing machine is powerful and long-lasting
  • Fully assembled in the box


Check Price
  • Prompt heating
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Digital panel for controlling


  • No portable cradle
  • Inconsistent time

3. DG Heat Press machine Digital sublimation t-shirt printing press

ZENY Heat Press Pro 6in1 Combo Heat Press Machine Digital Multifunction Transfer SublimationIf you are planning to buy sublimation t-shirt printing press for launching a small t-shirt printing business, you can choose the DG heat press 15” X 15” digital sublimation t-shirt printing machine. It is easy to use and good in built-in quality within your small reasonable and affordable budget. It features an industrial grade and heavy duty clamshell design to save space. With imprint on garments, you can also use this DG best heat press machine to print on wood, plastic, ceramic or melamine materials. DG Sublimation t-shirt printing heat press comes with a non-sticky and Teflon coated component to control scorching transfer. So, it won’t require any silicon sheet. Its temperature range is maximum 500 Fahrenheit. It has also a fantastic alarm system to function in a pair to inform you the status of the work in process. You can use the DG heat press machine as soon as you unbox it. It is really charming as it heats up evenly and prints reliably.

Major Specifications of DG Heat press Sublimation T-shirt Printing Press

  • Installed Teflon coated platen
  • Spring handle to open and close easily
  • Sublimation t-shirt printing press has an electric timer and temperature system panel


Check Price
  • Larger heating space
  • Silicone gel board
  • Heavy duty loading pressure
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable price


  • Inconsistent pressure
  • Trifling alarm factor

4. Power Press Digital Heat Press Machine Rhinestone Digital T-Shirt Printing Machine

Fancierstudio Heat Press Swing Away Heat Press T Shirt Press 9It ought to be your first choice if you are planning to start a commercial t-shirt printing with digital t-shirt printing machine. The machine features durability, veracity, and affordability. The Rhinestone digital t-shirt printing press is solid in design that won’t require you any extra location. The Rhinestone heat press machine is awesome to print on fabric, canvas, and many other objects. Its 15”X15” surface location ensures you the completion of any big projects effectively. Its silicon glued rubber base provides you with a high temperature up to 700 degrees of Fahrenheit that is enough for you. The timing controller ranges from 0 – 999 seconds. Overall, the Rhinestone digital t-shirt printing machine is sturdy and durable. Though the heat press machine is expensive to some extent, its high efficiency returns you more and helps you grow your limited business soon.

Major Specifications Rhinestone digital t-shirt printing machine

  • Rhinestone digital t-shirt printing press is an electric and Precise time controller
  • High-temperature range
  • Portable silicone gel base board


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  • Versatile
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Enough space for imprints


  • Little bit heavy

5. Mophorn Heat Press machine 5 in 1 Multipurpose Sublimation T-shirt Printing

Mophorn Heat Press Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press MachineThis Mophorn heat press machine multifunctional sublimation t-shirt printing machine includes all in one box. Now, it’s easy for you to print your stunning designs on any types of objects- garments, tiles, ceramics, puzzles etc. Its robust and welded steel structure makes it strong, durable, and resistant. Its 12”X15” printing platform is enough for a good number of products to be covered. As it names, it comes with additional accessories. They include a mug, a heat press and a double plate presses for your startup. The most amazing feature of this Mophorn heat Press machine is its swing-away design. It helps you operate the machine and check your security. Its temperature and time control panel allows you to use the accurate temperature to a given element. Like other sublimation t-shirt printing machines, it also comes in a box assembled all the components including portable silicone and cotton pads together.

Major Specifications Mophorn Heat Press machine

  • 12”X15” Heat press machine
  • 6”X3” curved hat cap press
  • Reliable temperature control panel
  • Portable multi-spring balancer
  • Big LCD display


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  • Ideal for imprint on all the materials
  • Portable silicone and cotton pads
  • Swing-away design
  • Strong, reliable, and durable framework
  • Easy assembling and setting


  • No sample product for test print
  • Not much suitable for seasonal users of the machine

What is a screen printing machine?

screen printing machine is a piece of equipment that utilizes various techniques (pushing inks through a stencil and ink-blocking mesh, using emulsion and sensitizer) to create unique designs or logos on garments, metals, plastics, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather, woven fabric, massaging or advertising on canvas, posters, apparel and most commonly used for screen printing of t-shirts or other plain printing substrates. Screen printing is also a stencil method of printmaking in which a style is enforced on a screen of polyester or various other fine meshes, with blank areas coated with a nonporous substance. The mesh could be made of a manufactured polymer, such as nylon, and a finer and also smaller aperture for the mesh would be utilized for a layout that needs a greater as well as a lot more delicate level of information.

How Does Work a Screen Printing Machine?

A screen printing machine doesn’t work like DTG printing machines. First, a screen printer needs to take thin mesh (previously silk-screen was used but now polyester is mostly used) and tight it firmly with a frame. Then he needs to create a negative of the design or image on the screen against the artwork. After completing setting, he needs to roll ink over the screen of the design (only the areas where the design would be printed permits ink to slip through). Finally, the ink sets the artwork and need to keep aside to dry. The last process in the 'pre-press' is shutting out any undesirable 'pin-holes' in the solution. If these holes are left in the emulsion, the ink will continue with as well as leave unwanted marks. To block out these materials such as tapes, specialty solutions as well as 'block-out pens' could be utilized effectively. The screen is put on a substrate. Ink is put on top of the display, and a food bar is utilized to press the ink via the openings in the mesh. The driver begins with the fill bar behind the display and also behind a reservoir of ink. The driver lifts the screen to stop calling with the substrate and then to make use of a minor amount of downward pressure draws the fill bar to the front of the display. This expertly fills the mesh openings with ink and removals the ink tank to the front of the screen. The driver after that uses a squeegee (rubber blade) to remove the mesh to the substratum and pushes the squeegee to the back of the display. The ink that remains in the mesh opening is pumped or squeezed by capillary action to the substrate in a controlled, and prescribed quantity, i.e., the wet ink deposit is proportional to the density of the mesh and also or pattern. As the squeegee moves toward the back of the screen, the tension of the mesh pulls the mesh up far from the substrate (called snap-off) leaving the ink after the substrate surface area.

What are the Types of Screen Printing Machine?

There are various types of screen printing machines-automatic or semi-automatic screen printing machine, manual screen printing press, freestanding screen printer, Tabletop screen printing machine, the 'flat-bed', 'cylindrical tube', 'rotating'. Textile products printed with various colored designs typically utilize wet of a damp method or shades dried out while on journalism, while graphic items are permitted to completely dry in between shades that are then published with one more display and also common in a various shade after the item is re-aligned on the press. Most of the screens are ready for re-coating at this phase, but occasionally displays will certainly have to undergo an additional action in the reclaiming procedure called dehazing.

Manual Screen Printing Machine Press

A business owner requirement will help to find his best manual screen printing machine. Which is the perfect manual screen printing press or machine; the business owner can choose or purchase its base on his demand and his investment. If a business owner makes a plan to buy a manual screen printing machine for small business or workshop and wants to start his own brand, a manual screen printing press can be very helpful for him. The manual screen press can fulfill his requirement or demand easily. The business owner if find and chose a manual screen printing equipment it can be good for printing and it will run for a long time and give him a lot of good products as his customer requirement. The quality screen print machine can provide many good and quality full products for long times.

Automatic Screening Printing Machine

Around the world most demanding products are screen printed clothes, in every season every garments company are changing their products design and add so much different design for clothes. The reputed brands always try to make some different products as their high-quality brand value. For fill up, this high-quality full demand a screen printing business owner can choose a good and high-quality automatic screen printing machine for his business. An Automatic screen printing press can provide a high-quality product in short time and the business holder can deliver them on the actual date. The Automatic screen print machine can provide high-quality products without no damaging products, so business holders don’t get panic with damage. As a demand for Garments Company a small screen printing business owner can get so much order if the business holder provides quality full products. For delivering good and high-quality products a screen printing business can choose an automatic screen printing press for more and great benefit. For a business owner, a good machine is a good investment for the business owner and it’s must be beneficial. For growing properly screen printing business, 6 color automatic screen printing machine will be the best investment and best choice for a business owner for more benefit with screen printing business. Day by day an automatic screen printing press is getting upgrading and screen printing business growing as a great and higher profit base business around the world. The 6 color automatic screen printing machine can print a good number of shirt or t-shirt per hour. If a business owner wants to invest in an automatic screen printing machine then it will be really profitable for his business. Best choose a 6 color automatic screen printing machine for below reason, Reason one: the automatic screen printing machine pays for itself. A businessman can do all the screen print related order in time with this fully automatic screen printing machine. It will be less expensive than paying another person to do the screen print 40 hours a week. The Freestanding Screen printing Machine Press. If a screen printing business wants to get started this business with a small place and with small investment than the business owner can choose the free handing screen printing press machine. For a short space and working in a room place that free-standing screen printing machine will be enough for a middleman. The freestanding screen press can set on any small place easily. For a small investment and small place, it will be a joy to work on and make a good profit.

Tabletop screen printing machine

The tabletop screen printing machine can make the requirement of t-shirt easily. Small quality printing products like a t-shirt for boys, girls, baby, sports team or t-shirt for the employee of any firms those are best suits for the freestanding screen printer. The base of tabletop screen printing press can provide good quality products as customers demand. For a businessman, it will get minimum cost for providing products. Tabletop screen printing machine is easy to move anywhere and any place. Tabletop screen printing equipment can able to be printed on multiple colors for printing.

Color & Station Based Screen Printing Machine

A business owner has most challenging to decide that which machine should be chosen for a business that bases on color and stations. The more color and stations if the business owner has than the business owner can do more good products. For making per design on screen printing machine, the machine has to able to print by all basis color. When printing on black or dark garments than use white under the base and an extra head for the screen printing press. Every head can hold only one screen and represent the stencil for only one color at a time. If a business owner wants to print CMYK than the business owner will need at least 4 colors for printing or printing a 1 color than just need one or two colors for printing on block text, one color designs. The most professional business owner chose between 4 or 8 colors for printing their products. There are many stations to pick but how many stations to choose and when to buy screen printing machine all depends on the garments that you are going to print on. Every station the user has, it allows him to complete a full print on that many garments at one time. He will also want to consider having at least one additional station to set his flash above. Anything that is requiring a white -base will need to be flashed before printing additional colors onto, and the more stations he has in-between, the less time he will have idly waiting for his shirt to flash and come back to him for the next layer. This extra step gets rid of haze or "ghost pictures" left behind of the display once the emulsion has been removed. Most ppl think about garments when the thought of screen printers can be found in mind the technique is made use of on many items consisting of decals, clock as well as watch faces, balloons, and also lots of other items. The method has even been adjusted for more advanced uses, such as setting conductors as well as resistors in multi-layer circuits using slim ceramic layers as the substrate. There are mainly two types of screen printing machine or otherwise called display printing machine in the display printing industry. One is home-based, and also the various other is industrial display printing press. When picking a home-based display printing press, the objective or purpose of use of the machine is a crucial element at play below.

How to Choose the Best Screen Printing Machine for Small Business?

Are you intended to launch a small t-shirt screen printing business? Would you like to purchase a custom designed t-shirt printing press or best screen printing machine for small business? Do you want to have fantastic imprints and logos on your business t-shirts? But still, you are in a fix that how you choose the best t-shirt printing machine? Your confusion is natural where there is lots of screen printing equipment available on the market. As you are likely to search for the best shirt printing machine for small business, you are in the accurate place to choose your best one.

10 Best t-shirt screen printing machines for small business for 2018

  1. PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15"x15", Black
  2. Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press 15x15 B/BLKk
  3. ZENY Heat Press 12" x 15" Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine Digital Multifunction Transfer Sublimation T-Shirt /Mug /Hat /Plate
  4. Superland Power Heat Press 6 in 1 Industrial-Quality 12-by-15-Inch Multifunctional Sublimation T-Shirt Hat Mug Heat Press Machine (6 in 1: 12" x 15")
  5. ShareProfit 12’’ X 15’’ 5 In 1 Digital Heat Press Digital Heat Press Adjustable Multi-spring Balancer Heat Press Machine 1400W T Shirt Press Machine Swing-away Hat Press Non-Stick (5 In 1 12’’ X 15’’)
  6. F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine T-shirt Hat Cap Mug Plate Digital Transfer Sublimation Machine (6 in 1)
  7. VEVOR 12 X 15 Inch 6 in 1 Heat Press Digital LCD Controller T shirts Press Machine Swing Away Design Heat Press Machine Transfer Sublimation Hat Mug Cap Plate Mouse Pad (6 In 1 12 X 15 Inch)
  8. ePhotoInc Swing Away 9 x 12 T Shirt Heat Press Machine Transfer Sublimation Press 9x12BLK
  9. Happybuy Heat Press 16x20 Inch 1300W Heat Press Machine Digital Temperature and Timer Display Heat Press Machine for T Shirts with Pull Out Slide Tray (16x20 Inch with Slide Tray)
  10. Mophorn Heat Press 8 in 1 15 X 15 Inch Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine Desktop Iron Baseball Hat Press 1000W Digital Swing Away Transfer T Shirt Hat Mug (8IN1 15x15Inch)
Okay. You do not need to panic about. We are ready to help you select the best t-shirt screen print machine that suits your purposes. Our research team has already spent plenty of time to look into some best screen printing machine for small business racing n the current market. If you are in a puzzle about your custom t-shirt and you do not have sufficient insights about this press machinery, do not get nervous. Just go through paragraphs here and get a solid idea. We have inspected the size, cost, profitability, durability, color stations and so on. These factors set the standard of print quality and life-span of the press machine. Before you finally look at the printing machines, let’s have a glimpse at the very fundamental features and functionalities that you should bear in mind to opt for your final product.

6 Must know Factors for the Best Screen Printing Machine for Small Business

There are many different kinds of screen printing machines (screen printing press) for small business or screen printing workshop to select but most individuals and smaller businesses start with a manual press. Driven by man-power a manual screen printing press allows a user to have hands-on control (manual control) over his ink, squeegee pressure and other elements of the printing. They are some of from the most cost-effective screen printing machines. They also come in configurations ranging from a single color, the single platen (for shirts), to 12+ colors and platens. There are so different kinds of screen printing presses you can choose from. So, how to pick the right one? When thinking about buying the first screen printing press, here are the six important things to consider:

1. Consistency:

If you’re buying your first screen printing machine (press) for small business with the future in mind, make sure that your press has a proven micro registration system, consistent gate/print head registration, and parts that can easily be replaced or don’t wear over time. That’s an investment that will quickly pay itself back.

2. Versatility:

We hear some of the business owners wish if they had a six-color instead of a four-color, or an eight-color press instead of a six color. So, when buying the first screen printing press, you must make sure that you are thinking about how many colors you will want to be able to print tomorrow. Then in future, it will be easy and very much helpful.

3. Portability and Space Consciousness:

The first press may be one that is small but well-built. This will allow you to keep it as a supplemental small-run press when you expand, and possibly even travel for live-printing events. There’s nothing like seeing the process of printing live; it’s a great way to engage and market what you do. Riley JR is one of the most popular presses that are high quality as our floor model with unmatched portability. Many of successful print shops use this press as a secondary option.

4. Screen Size Options:

At first, you may be printing with smaller wooden screens but you should get a press that can hold larger screen sizes so that it can be a help in the future. You should allow yourself the versatility to expand the print size. Most automatic presses take 23″x31” screens vs. 20″x24” screens, so if your manual press can only take 20″x24” screens, you’ll be stuck with two different sets of screens for two different presses once you add your first automatic. Depending on the model, many of the famous screen printing machines are built to hold screens up to 23″x31″ and can be used interchangeably for smaller wooden screens and automatic sized frames alike.

5. Platen/Pallet Compatibility:

To successfully purchase a press that will be a help in the future a person needs to make sure that whatever the manual press he’s starting with will have to be compatible with all his future press purchases. If so, he won’t have to be worried about buying the exact products when he will be expanding his press options. The Riley Hopkins press has configurations ranging from one color presses all the way up to eight colors, eight station screen printing machines. All of which have the same platen agreement across the board.

6. Durability:

There is also another way of consideration and that is to get a press that has been proven to last a lifetime. The quality equipment and a solid warranty go a long way. If the is equipment sturdy, and if it has been proven to stand the test of time no problems will be in the future purchases. All of the famous presses come with a limited lifetime warranty and the best guarantee in the industry. If someone is looking for a press that does it all, it is recommended to check out the most used or most famous press for first manual screen printing press.

Decision for the Right Screen Printing Press

With all the information out there, we gathered three principal factors to consider when you are going to start your small business with t-shirt screen printing machine. Manual screen printing Press VS Automatic Screen Printing Press It is necessary to make sure that how many pieces of t-shirt you intend to manufacture. Production volume is the key factor. If your plan is to just have imprints by yourself or launch a small factory for clothing or even merely you like to push or pull a squeegee, a manual press screen printing machine will be ideal to meet your requirements. A manual screen printing machine is the desired one to start the small screen printing businesses. The manual printer is ideal for beginners. We recommend you start your business with research. A good quality manual screen printing machine is your investment that will return you to growth. Your manual press machine will have a longer life-span in course of your business is undergoing. You will always have an option to upgrade your manual one to automatic. Most of the people think that an automatic screen printing machine gives the better returns. Let’s reveal the truth. An automated screen printing machine will pay for you. The automatic machine can finish the jobs off within a couple of hours where an employee needs up to 40 hours to complete this. It will be more costly to pay for 40 hours with other admissible allowances than the cost of those 2 hours of the machine. It will lessen your production margin. Even, if you are planning to start a very small business with doing a hand-printed line or simply you’re branding, employ an automatic press machine. What is the most important is to make sure that you invest for your needs realistically? You will have the chance to invest in a larger machine in course of your business is growing.

Tabletop Screen Printing Press VS Free-Standing Screen Printing Press

This is a concern of space. Where do you print is important. Is it the kitchen or is it a spare room? You must think about your limited surface. If it is really not spacious, you should invest in a tabletop press printing machine. Merely due to a space problem, you cannot stop your journey anymore. There is a wide variety of tabletop press machine on the market. They can pack a punch as huge as a free-standing press one. They are light, strong and compact. Literally, they are manufactured for home use. They are suitable for your very small home base local business, say, you have to produce 1k t-shirt for your local football club. Moreover, there is an easy mobile option to print multiple colors in your garage, kitchen or spare room. Even you can move your machine outdoor. That’s all the advantages of being a small business. On the contrary, if you think somewhat an extension of your small business, invest in a free-standing press printing machine. They are durable in their life-span. If your plan is to produce a large volume of products or run the machine no less than 8 hours a day, free-standing press one will last for decades. Whatever machine you get, make sure that you enjoy your printing as you will be spending a lot of time with your screen printing machine.

Quantity of Colors and Stations

Taking a decision on how many colors and station is likely to be the toughest job in your t-shirt business pathway. If you have more colors and stations, you can do more with your press machine. The number of colors in your mockup and the number of print heads having in your digital press machine- both number should be equal. You will need an extra white-under base head for imprints of dark clothes. They are often time-consuming and inaccurate. If your plan is to print one color, one or two color press will be fit. If you need a versatile compact design and a large volume of finished work at a time, you should choose screen printing machine ranging from 4 to 8 colors. It is suitable for the very rush and multiple deadline jobs. The number of stations to decide depends on your printing on the garments. Each extra station helps you finish printing on many clothes at a time. So, it depends on your convenience. The more color designs you want to print, the more stations you should prefer. Just invest initially in your small t-shirt screen printing business with a one color printing machine and try to expand it with the passage of time. It’s your small business today, but obviously, it will grow tomorrow What Do You Decide? It’s very important to know that what you want, as you have just started your small press printing business. Make sure that you identify your requirements and choose your machine accordingly. Once you get that, your most of the job will be done to start your business.

Screen Printing Machine VS Heat Press Machine

The printing industry has had a new era of press and printing business. It has, in the meantime, come a long way. Its journey was not much smooth. Rather it has reached here through a lot of struggles and the present success is the result of the revolution. Can you imagine how much time it took to print a single newspaper or the pages of a small book in those days? It would make you stumbled. You might exclaimed; really!!! Yes. It would take a whole day or even more print that newspaper or those pages. The then operators would try to move each of the paper to every page.

Which is the Best T-shirt Printing Machine?Which is the Best T-shirt Printing Machine?

So, how would it be possible? The amazing advancement of science and technology has contributed to the introduction of the fastest and the most efficient heat press machine and screen printing machine. Both types of the machine make the printing process very easier and more flexible. And consequently, they let the businesses that depend on the printing procedure flourish, especially for t-shirt printing business, for example. If you consider the printing field, the screen printing machine and heat the press machine is the recent inventions. But there is an important question here. We received the question from many of the customers, even from the users. What is actually the difference between these two types of the machine? To satisfy them with a reliable answer, we came to a decision to write down the major and minor difference between the two modern machines. We also tried to interpret the existing similarities between a heat press machine and a screen printing machine. This particularly helpful for you to come to a decision when you are planning to customize your apparel, like t-shirt screen printing business.

Screen Printing Machine

A screen printing machine simply refers to a device that performs the application of the ink-blocking stencil to a woven cloth. The stencil covers a surface to transfer and embed the inks onto your t-shirts. If you are planning to print on a wide range of product, you are on the right track. Screen printing machine is ideal for t-shirts, fabrics, bags, hats, and so on. The screen printing process is very ancient. It was introduced more than thousand years ago! In China, the people use silkscreen print to finish the process. So, what is the difference between heat press and screen printing? Screen printing machine is complicated to some extent. It needs more chemical and instruments. For example, emulsion. It is required to make a screen plus tree. The machine also needs emulsion eraser, ink thinner, and dehaze to clean your product after every operation. It will require you to arrange a dark location. The screen printing machine is particularly helpful for printing the artwork on hand. Also, the machine needs tape, film, squeegees, scrubber, and a printer to burn the film. But the most helpful feature is that the printing procedure is same for a single t-shirt or for a large volume of production.


  • Perfect for a high volume of production for one and multi-color.
  • Softer transfer method.
  • Capable of bright and even darker printing.
  • Ideal for cotton and Poly-cotton items.
  • No size restriction to print.
  • No problem while ironing.
  • Suitable for the clothes used in a washing machine.


  • Costly form smaller projects
  • The problem in printing multiple colors
  • The longer turnaround time to sue multiple colors.
  • Time-consuming set up and cleans.

Heat Press Machine T-shirt Printing Machine

A heat press machine basically refers to an instrument that presses your artwork or image into a material. It may be t-shirt or paper. The machine produces heavy pressure. It also features a high-temperature setting so that it can embed your logo or image into the product effectively and permanently. The heat press machine requires approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit with a pressure range of 40 to 80 PSI. When you are operating your machine, firstly, you need to design your creative image or logo on a special sheet with a special ink. Only then your heat press machine transfers your artwork to your t-shirt. Obviously, your heat applied material needs to be adhesive. It must be sensitive to heat on one side so that it can adhere to the product well. The heat press machine is much popular in the textile business arena. It ensures a good quality and fantastic design on your t-shirt. The heat press machines are easier to set up and use than before. It becomes possible due to the recent developments in the heat press technology. It is beyond your imagination that how much faster it is. It takes no more than 2-3 minutes to on print a product. You know there are several kinds of transfer and its sources. An identical transfer basically includes ink and paper. Applying heat and pressure let the ink transfer and embed onto the garment. There is a tropical transfer that let the heat press machine print the design on the t-shirt. On the other hand, the sublimation transfer helps the ink absorb into the fiber of the garments.


  • Clean and environment-friendly procedure to ensure safer and healthier work environment.
  • Improved graphical software and special ink to produce a high-quality finished product.
  • Multiple colors utilization to avoid overlap.
  • Photographic materials pressing feature.
  • Fully affordable in cost.
  • Registration marks free.
  • Easy setup and easy operation.


  • Not much suitable for deep-colored t-shirts.
  • Time-consuming for a large volume of garments production.
  • Not much durable.
  • The problem to iron the print.

Which is The Best t-shirt Printing Press for You?

Well. There might be a dilemma. Which one should you choose for your t-shirt screen printing? A heat press machine bears 3 key factors in printing the design of the garments. Time, pressure, and temperature. It has no minimum design. You can use a different design for every time. On the contrary, a screen printing machine has been contributing for so many years. It has been reliable for its great printing functions. It will reign for the millennium. For your t-shirt printing business, this machine will ensure a high-quality end product to satisfy your clients or customers.

Hand-operated screen printing machine For Small Business:

If you're preparing just to start a local business of clothes, a must cover your requirements. A hand-operated screen printing machine is the universal starting factor for a lot of tv printing organizations as well as beginning printers. It is recommended, to begin with, research study when looking into it. Brands like Riley Hopkins ® that have been around for years as well as are always upgraded to stay in advance of the cutting edge in display printing are most likely to supply you with the very best starting point. Top-notch top quality of screen printing machines is a sound investment. If you pick a high-grade guidebook display printing press, to begin with, like a Riley Hopkins ®, it will last you long through any kind of expansion your business could undertake. You could always upgrade to an automated later. One of the most important aspects to determine is picking how many colors and stations to have. Merely having a press with more colors could assist you to do much more, yet will also result in a greater cost. The number of colors you may use in your style ought to equal the number of print heads you carry your press, consisting of an additional go to a white under-base for usage when publishing on black or dark garments. This is since every head could hold just one screen, and also each display stands for the pattern for just one shade each time. While publishing CMYK-- you'll need at the very least four colors, if you're preparing to just print one shade spot shade layouts such as block message, then you should be fine with a one or two shade press. Most of the manufacturing based screen printers pick between a 4 and 8 color screen printing machine considering that this aids in publishing numerous displays and also have more compared to one work up at a time. If you want to print 4 color styles, it is advised to obtain at least a 4 shade 2 screen printing machine. However, it does have the restriction of being able to print just 3 colors on dark garments. If you desire to publish 4 color styles, obtain at least a 4 color 2 station screen printing machine, but you can just publish 3 shades on dark garments. If you desire quicker printing and also less waiting, add more terminals to your press and also obtain a 6 shade 4 station screen printing machine, or bump it up to an 8 shade 6 terminal screen printing machine for a versatile and also effective display printing machine. The question of space likewise plays an important component in choosing what type to buy. If you are publishing out of a small spare area, you could want to spend in purchasing a tabletop screen printing machine. The absence of room can be gotten rid of now given that there are a lot of even more alternatives. The absence of room can be gotten rid of now given that there are a lot of even more alternatives. There are lots of great table leading display printing press on the marketplace that is as reliable as well as resilient as any free-standing screen printing machine. Printers wanting to process tees or posters for fun can obtain a long life out of a DIY Printing shop ™ tabletop press. Light and little it's produced printing in the house. Or, if u intend to print some t-shirts for an occasion or some friends, it comes in convenient. One action up, as well as perhaps one of the press to print on, is the Riley Hopkins ® JR tabletop press. That suggests you can publish multiple color prints in your garage, in your cooking area, extra bedroom, shop area. If you're preparing to run this press 8 hrs a day, or print in even more of a manufacturing atmosphere, after that you'll want something that is very long-lasting for. Make certain that whatever press you obtain; it is happiness for you to publish on since you're going to be investing a great deal of time doing precisely that. If the intention of a screen printing machine is to start a small business, you might want to directly buy an automatic screen printing machine. One of the major advantages of an automatic screen printing machine is that it covers up any lack of experience the user has in operating a screen printing machine since it is simple and easy to use. This is just one of many benefits an automatic screen printing machine has, for instance, it helps to cover up the of appointing an employee whereas you can do the work yourself in less time with the help of it and also helps to cut costs of employee, resulting in a more efficient, reliable and consistent production. If one is serious about buying a screen printing machine, it is a necessity to purchase an automatic screen printing machine. When it comes to constantly evolving and innovating brands, ROQ screen printing machine is the one to look out for since it holds the title of the world's second largest automatic screen printing machine manufacturer, and has a history of over 25 years of quality service and top-notch machinery. To be blunt, it is a top of the line company producing state-of-the –art-machinery.

Specifications of Screen Printing Machine:

When you are looking at what configuration you want your screen printing machine to have, really consider your needs and desires. Go into it being prepared to invest in what you want the first time, or accept that you may need to expand into a bigger press later.


Coming to brands now, DeEtt provides a four color one station silk screen printing machine with adjustable devices at a low price of USD 167. Moreover, the brand has good customer reviews for its products and the primary features of the product include a table type and compact design that saves space and is ideal for transportation or mobile usage. Adjustable double-spring devices are available for screen frames of different weight. The big supporting device keeps the machine stable and in balance. All-metal construction, advanced electrostatic spraying, and electroplating, durable, easy to clean and does not rust.


If we do a reasonable and simple contrast in between a similar product, the Superland gives a much far better alternative with its four-color 2 terminal silk screen printing press at an additional price of $23, coming to an overall of $ 190. For a small price distinction of just $23, Superland uses far more to its customers and overall has a greater market value with more pleased consumers. These sort of products are really useful for small-scale organizations or home usage. If we desire to speak concerning a large range sector or service looking to make the substantial profit.

Riley Hopkins

The Riley Hopkins is the no. 1 brand name to look out for. The brand has a prominent name in for its production and also has been delivering top quality service as well as costs products. With over Three-Decade of experience in the printing press sector as well as an expert reputation to match, Hopkins makes some of the finest quality, and most cost-effective screen print presses you can acquire. Each Hopkins press in the line is constructed to run as well as publish like desire, flaunting the highest possible marketing hands-on presses on the market today, as well as one of Ryonet's best-selling lines of equipment. The Riley Hopkins silk testing press is the way to go for anyone seeking a manual press that will create top-quality prints and delighted customers. The Riley Hopkins 4 color 1 station screen printing press comes at a rate of an outstanding rate of $500. The Riley Hopkins JR table leading 4 color screen printing press integrates high quality and also the online reputation of Riley Hopkins Devices, the sectors most offered hand-operated screen printing machine with the price point as well as versatility for the developing display printer. Tailored in the direction of stores that need a quality print yet are on a beginning budget the Hopkins JR table top 4 shade presses allows a display printer to produce expert grade prints to help establish a footing and also reputation out there. Whether you're going for the house, beginning a small store, and even doing online printing, the Riley Hopkins JR 4 shade table leading screen print press is a best as well as an adaptable remedy for area and mobility. To establish the Riley Hopkins JR tabletop press, you could conveniently screw it down to an existing table top or bench or acquire the Riley Hopkins Press Cart which not only holds journalism, however, could store up to 20 screens under it. The Riley Hopkins JR press comes requirement with traditional C screen secures with 9/16 off call and tilt changes, however, uses optional mini-registration for extra precise and also reliable setup. The Riley Hopkins JR's single print terminal is excellent for room financial savings, but for printers wishing to print greater manufacturing and also, even more, colors, it is recommended considering the Riley Hopkins JR Multi Terminal or the Riley Hopkins WIN collection for expert screen print manual production. Riley Hopkins items differ with several selections each with their corresponding prices. Riley Hopkins JR. 6 Color4 Terminal Display Printing Press With XY Micro Enrollment comes at a rate of $2000. For precise arrangement, the Riley Hopkins JR 6 shade press features our standard X-Y micro enrollment and also 9/16 wrench off the call and tilt adjustments. Setup of the Riley Hopkins JR 6 color screen printing press is simple, the majority of stores acquire the Riley Hopkins JR Press Cart which holds six screens as well as has heavy responsibility retracting casters for movement and also semi-permanent positioning. You can additionally screw or bolt the JR press to a short table or stand or even utilize the crate the press is delivered in for an installing table. As you proceed to develop and expand and start looking to produce greater shade works, larger print locations, as well as faster and also a lot more precise display printing the Riley Hopkins Success as well as Riley 500 are fantastic options to take the following action in hand-operated screen press advancement. Although several stores expand past a Riley Hopkins JR, they maintain it around as it is for life convenient for overflow tasks as well as ideal for a wheelchair if you ever before need to relocate a press for any reason. Backed by their one of a kind minimal lifetime warranty the Riley Hopkins JR 4 shade screen printing machine is a great financial investment and future proof for those who can afford the price. If you want to have a display printing giant in business, then the Riley 500 8 Shade 8 Terminal Press with XYZ Micro Registration is the very best one available to customers at the moment with a cost of $9000. This is truly a machine constructed for higher-end fanatic level screen printing. Riley 500 is the next development in strong guidebook printing presses.


With a sturdy, tried and true Riley Hopkins ® building and a unique compatibility with ROQ's strong however featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets, the Riley 500 can handle any print work while going for optimum manual rates. Attributes like tool-free off-contact adjustments as well as XYZ mini-registration come basic and also enable you to swiftly set up and also change your press with the same ease as any ROQ automated display printing press. If high quality and advancement are your top priorities, it's time to get behind the wheel and also own the Riley 500 to the goal and also insurance claim your triumph. The CNC-constructed base now has a larger, 3-inch diameter message for added stamina, or even includes a storage area. The print terminal assembly is 25 percent lighter than the earlier designs, while still sustaining maximum press speeds. Registration also has been made quicker and streamlined for speedier configuration with left and also right anti-flip/anti-backlash ROQ xyz micro-registration knobs. This way, Riley 500 presses currently have a bearing design versus a nylon screw for easier locking into the registration gateway. A two-point screen-locking system, unique to Ryonet, guarantees continuous registration via a lengthy print run as well as showcases a new grasp clap surface. There likewise are solidified steel enrollment blocks for longevity. Publish heads currently have a back center knob for tool-free off-contact modification and also a front facility knob for readjusting tilt, and there are right as well as left bar last tilt locks. The Riley 500 comes standard with sturdy back secures or optional side clamps. Presses come with a minimal lifetime warranty. This service warranty covers all non-wearable components, non-wearable components, as well as non-wearable products of new Riley Hopkins ™ presses.

Finally about Screen Printing Machine

Ultimately it comes down to what the consumer needs and has the budget for. For home uses it is recommended to start with a 4 color one station screen printing press, as it is the starting line of screen printing presses. Those with a more business / profit-minded purposes should go for a 4 color 2 station press which usually has a fair price tag. And for high-end companies or business firms, it is recommended to go for the Riley Hopkins 4 color 4 station or 8 color 8 station printing presses depending on budget and requirements coming with a lifetime warranty of course. There are numerous brands with a huge variety of their products with different price tags each offering different quality and service, but it is important not to get side-tracked and prioritize the needs of the consumer when purchasing a screen printing press to promote maximum efficiency and satisfaction and optimal performance within the consumer's budget. Stay with to get the latest screen printing machine reviews.