t-shirt screen printing machine

The Best T-shirt Screen Printing Machine Review-Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Press Machine

Promo Heat 15 in. x 15 in. Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine – Clamshell – Model PRO-3804X – Black

The Promo Heat 15’’x15’’ Sublimation Heat Press Machine- Clamshell- Model- 3804X, the best T-shirt screen printing machine is the best selling products in its similar classes at present. There are lots of reasons why the prospective buyers prefer this heat press for t-shirt screen printing press to other available machines on the market.

t-shirt screen printing machine

Promo Heat 15 in. x 15 in. Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine -t-shirt screen printing machine, Clamshell – Model PRO-3804X – Black

These reasons include its clamshell configuration feature that saves additional spaces, Digital LCD timer that preset optimal time and an audible alarm will sound to avoid extra exposure when the time is complete. It is very flexible and easy to use. You can quickly make custom t-shirts, tote bags, mouse pads, license pads and much more. This digital promo heat press is highly secure for temperature management. To get rid of overexposing, it has an audible alarm to set the time. As its arm handles are parallel with an ergonomic foam grip, operators feel comfort. Its non-stick surface prevents scorching heat transfer. So you don’t need to buy separate Teflon/silicone sheet.

Also, Digital LCD temperature controller that set the expected temperature in Fahrenheit and when preset temperature is reached, the element will stop heating.  Moreover, it comes with a versatile operational feature; unusually, it can accomplish the desired transfer numerous flat-surfaced elements such as metal, glass, ceramic, wood as well as fabric or garment. It is very comfortable for everyday use and heavy production run.

t-shirt screen printing machine

Major Specifications of the T-shirt screen printing machine

  • Arrives with the dimensions of 29.8×20.1×19.3 inches
  • Weights almost 67 Ibs
  • Engineered with 15’’x15’’ working elements
  • Has a clamshell configuration
  • Comes with Digital LCD timer
  • Provided with Digital LCD temperature control
  • Features an audible warning which sounds when time is complete
  • Provided with a 5.5 feet plug
  • Equipped with a top-mounted easy access control
  • Features an ergonomic parallel arm handle gripping with foam
  • Provided with a pressure adjustment knob
  • Comes with a magnificent adjustable multi-spring balancer
  • Generates a power output of 1400 watts
  • Requires 110 volts power input
  • Provides with Teflon-coated elements
  • Has non-sticky surface to prevent scorching of transfers


  • Conservative and compact
  • Accompanies a space-sparing design
  • Has a bigger working component
  • Outfitted with a precise clock that enables the client to pre-set the coveted time
  • Sounds an alert when the time is finished and to maintain a strategic distance from overexposure
  • Has an LCD computerized temperature control for setting the coveted temperature
  • The item quits warming when the preset temperature is come to
  • Permits the alteration of the weight in light of the thickness of the material that must be exchanged
  • Demonstrated safe when utilized
  • Altogether decreases the handle flex when opening and shutting the machine
  • Gives a non-stick surface
  • Sold at a better than average cost
  • Versatile system
  • Heavy duty metallic frame



  • Gets out of stock easily
  • Not eligible for shipping to all the countries
  • Works on only objects with flat surfaces

t-shirt screen printing machine

Buyers’ Guide for T-shirt screen printing machine

If you decide to launch a business of custom designed t-shirt or if you search for a t-shirt screen printing machine to get some lovely imprints or logos on your products, but you cannot decide which one is the best among the lots of machine in the market to meet your purpose.

Okay. No need to worry about. You can decide to buy The Promo Heat 15’’x15’’ Sublimation Heat Press Machine- Clamshell- Model- 3804X which is one of the best selling t-shirt heat press machines.

Still confused?

Well. Our research team spent a lot of time finding the suitable t-shirt screen printing machine out of hundreds of available machine in the market. While doing research the team use two types of survey; the different aspect of size, cost, portability, durability to justify the quality and

life of the machine and a good number of users’ experience to guarantee the best functionality that is required to meet your expected purposes.

Many of the users gave priority to the heating surface while buying a new machine. They think Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Press Machine is fit for the types of t-shirt that they were planning to make. Its heat-resistant coating feature would protect their products from damage.

A good number of users consider size and safety of the machine when they buy t-shirt screen printing equipment. They demand Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Press Machine’s size is optimal and manageable for all be it smaller or larger businesses. In addition to that, as there are heat and electricity, safety is a major concern where Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Press Machine features an auto shut off safety system and produces steady and quality products.

A proportion of the users thinks that an ideal power output and power input range is compulsory to buy and run a t-shirt screen printing machine. Here they consider Promo Heat Sublimation Heat Press Machine best to meet that demand. Its power output and input range mirror the quality of prints that they could achieve on various types of materials.

Buyers Reviews:

t-shirt screen printing machine

Comparison and Verdict

A popular t-shirt screen printing equipment ePhoto, new 15’’x15’’ t-shirt heat press machine is with dimensions of 30x19x19 inches and weighs 52.9 pounds. It also comes with spaces saving the clamshell configuration, LCD timer, LCD temperature control and Teflon coating surface.

Another best-selling t-shirt screen printing machine is the Power press industrial quality digital 15×15 inches sublimation that features a glued-down silicon rubber base, coated sheet and coated heat platen and electric heat control and time for a precise setup.

Upon observing other two most selling t-shirt screen printing machines, it is obvious that the Promo Heat 15’’x15’’ Sublimation Heat Press Machine- Clamshell- Model- 3804X is can be the perfect t-shirt screen printing machine as it is regarded as the best option since it is equipped with a plenty of stunning features at a reasonable lower price. Though in terms of feature, other two are same to some extent but at a higher price. Therefore, undoubtedly it should be the first choice to buy.

t-shirt screen printing machine



The Promo Heat 15’’x15’’ Sublimation Heat Press Machine- Clamshell- Model- 3804X is one of the most demanding t-shirt screen printing machines in the present market. It is considered as the best choice of most of the customers for its budget-friendly price as well as some excellent features such as larger working component, digital LCD temperature control, digital LCD timer and pressure adjustment knob. Furthermore, it occupies with a non-stick surface to prevent scorching and sticking.


Heat press machines are innovative instruments which benefit the t-shirt-printing industry. The Promo Heat 15’’x15’’ Sublimation Heat Press Machine- Clamshell- Model- 3804X is one of the best t-shirt screen printing machines that has been reviewed is a superior-grade press that transfer images well on most materials. It is also durable, very convenient to set up, and possesses customizable systems that offer value for money in your personal and commercial uses.

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