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Eight Super Guides for T-shirt Screen Printing Machine Users

A professional screen printing machine user can easily print high-quality design as knows the top secrets like right object, right frame, right squeegee, right ink, proper curing, and proper dryer. He also knows how to apply emulsion and burn the image. He can understand the importance of right mesh count and screen tension.

You have arrived physically at a garments store. You got harassed to discover t-shirts that imitate your well-being and character. T-shirt screen printing tools allow you the liberty to arise with your own designs with no being restricted by anything a store might have in-store. There is a massive list of these devices on market ideal for individual applications or for producing products for your commerce.

 About T-shirt Screen Printing Machine

Screen printing shifts any film-positive reflection onto a t-shirt by imposing ink all the way through the mesh screen by means of a squeegee device. One time on the screen, the figure is able to be printed numerous times and use some different colors as required.  Screen printed t-shirts seem enormous and are machine washable. An additional supportive part is the silk screen printing tools that have the flash dryer which is able to heal your completed shirts so you do not need to depend on an oven. If you follow the eight guides below, you can be easily satisfied in your next screen printing project.  

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 Design, fashion, and color:

The most flexibility for the t-shirt screen printing is the quality to make the print erase. Fashion, design, and choice are an ongoing flow. As a t-shirt screen printer, you could not be able to make your clients steady on a particular design, fashion. So you are to erase a print though favorable to you but the diminishing effect on customers’ demand. However, easily and quickly you can print t- shirt taking a fresh color, design, and structure. As a result, you can see coup up with the changing demand of your customers. You just need emulsion and transparencies then the small tears of the screen will act as per your direction. Here to print you can take anything color combination, design pattern as the substrate.

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Engage genius for color combination. Consequently, your printing machine will generate color combination with the ratio of 4 color 1 station single rotary screen press. There is the micro adjuster for color combination. You can make an adjustment of color with high artistic touch by operating micro adjust. By using the DIY table top hinge you will be able to implement your dream to produce excellent t-shirt from your t-shirt printing machine.

Ink factor:

There are a number of general plastisol ink additives. You can use them in a screen printing shop on a regular basis. These are plastisol additives that are mixed into existing pigmented plastisol inks to achieve different performance characteristics. Some are merely designed to extend the ink and others are made to make it less tacky. Most of the additives today will be balanced or curable. This means the additive is formulated to cure the same way the plastisol ink is. That means, any amount can be added without causing curing problems. Some additives do require specific mixing ratios. so,  arrange quality and proper ink for your t-shirt screen printing machine.

  Mesh count for T-shirt Screen Printing Machine 

As fresh or new entrepreneur screen printers, a lot of people begin with one or two screens with taking similar mesh count. Some people purchase second-hand equipment with a small number of screens and might have extra 1 mesh count. However, other people do print at residence might not yet use screen printing mesh. But it is significant to appreciate the meaning of mesh count and process of using mesh counts to create your designs smooth.

Mesh aspect is the explanation of all two and three element of the mesh structure. The two essential factors in mesh aspect are the mesh count and the thread diameter. The mesh count means to the quantity of thread in per inch limited in the mesh. The thread diameter implies to the width of the ribbon previous to it has been woven into the mesh.

It is significant to keep in mind that mesh geometry will describe the individuality of the mesh. The mesh geometry will decide the mesh opening, mesh thickness and the theoretical ink volume.  Be familiar about mesh count and produce high-quality t-shirt from your t-shirt screen printing press.

Arrange exact frame:

Many just go for the low-cost method and prefer wood temporary solution. But it is wise to learn before using any framework.

The significance of squeegee:

It is significant to ultimately realize the function of squeegees in screen printing t-shirts to attain the most excellent print in an easy way. Selecting the perfect squeegee is very important for newcomers screen printers.

Appropriate film:

Outputting the film  is a fundamental issue to make an outstanding stencil without difficulty. In the case of the film is not being opaque sufficient, you will get problem creating a high-quality stencil. Films with less opacity to chunk the contact Foundation 100% will lastly result in partial curing the region that you will require to wash out. There are so many problems to wash out semi-cured emulsion for a lot of reasons. So, take the issue of film seriously and get a fine t-shirt from your t- shirt screen printing machine.

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Many do not like belt dryers for a higher cost. But, the other methods cause so many problems. Those odds get acute when the business needs a considerable amount to produce. A textile belt oven will resolve all issues by offering a reliable curing procedure that will speed up production. The oven chamber provides an additional steady heating setting and, the conveyor belt gives repeatable steadiness at a satisfactory production tempo.

A belt oven will decrease the variables in the curing stage to a satisfactory least amount. Keep in mind, while going with plastisol inks, the concluding cure is critical.

Risk-free beginner:

You are a beginner, don’t like to take a risk with the multi color products, no need for you screen printing machine with a single color is available. As this machine provides removable plates, you will get the scope of printing varieties of images. You can use the dryer for imposing electricity, heat, head-solid ink etc so that your print product become dry

 Go with the low-budget:

You can advance with low budget taking manual silk screen printing press. So, start your t-shirt screen printing with comparatively less investment, gather experience and be an efficient player of this huge field.


If possible, be sure to arrange the accurate tools for the job of printing t-shirt from your t- shirt screen printing machine and it will give more time and bring money in the long run.

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